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I was getting these calls too- and when you reverse look up the number it says its a landline from Greensboro NC. I tried calling it back from my office phone- NOT my home number just in case. but it simply says the call cannot be completed as dialed. And when they call- no one was on the other line and then it would just sound like a hang up. At first I thought it was a wrong number- then a kid playing around...but after getting two to three calls a day for over a week now- its getting a little old. I called TWC of Greensboro and they could not do anything unless I filed a formal complaint with the authorities... was not going to waste my time. So I called Verizon ( my cell provider) and they were able to block it from my phone for 90 days! Hallelujah!! TRY CALLING 'YOUR" SERVICE PROVIDER AND THEY MAY BE ABLE TO BLOCK IT. Glad to see I am not the only one!!
Called twice in 3 hours and said they have the wrong number both times
Was a surveyour requesting information on why we droppped an account.
These people call at least once daily and I won't answer. They won't leave a message....What's upwith that?
Want to know sho this # is
got a call this morning. they left no message. when i tried to call it back got an error message. i too am on the do not call list. guess we see how well that works!?
First time I have gotten a call from this number.  Name comes up as "Private Name".  I did not answer and they did not leave a message.
I have gotten 2 calls from this number already 1 was 1/7/09 around 3:19pm the other was this morning 1/8/09 around 11am I  answered this mornings call all they said was hello end of call.
This NUMBER IS NOT COMING FROM SOUTHNET it is a SPOOF CALL from Portfolio Recovery Associates, 120 Corporate Blvd, Norfolk VA. 23502, who has a office in Alabama (a private Federal Collection Agency) and also a office in HAMILTON, VA not HAMILTON, AL.  Please file a complaint with the US Justice Dept.  ATT:  Steven Curran, Deputy Chief, 950 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Criminal Division, PHB, Washington DC 20530, regarding STALKING and HARRASSMENT.  KEEP TRACK OF ALL CALLS.  Merry Christmas CEO Steven Fredrickson an Portfolio Recovery Associates the RATTLESNAKE WAS HERE.
called tonight inquiring about Panera bread questions.  Was cordial, but I am on a no call listing.  Said it is a survey and survey's do not apply.
called tonight around 6:30pm. Said they were insight??? doing a survey about kids entertainment. asked to speak to my sons about tv shows. didn't actually ask anything before hanging up.
they called my once today i didnt answer and i hope they dont start calling 1 to 4 times a day i will snap
Call everyday.....will not leave a message.
Please stop calling me
I keep getting calls around the clock from this number. i want it to STOP!
Four calls so far today9:52am11:49am2:44pmand 3:55pm.Yesterday there was one at noon.Once a day isn't a problem, but isn't four bordering on harassment?
i did not answer it but it was from greenboro nc
They have called me 4-5 times a day for the last 9 days, I have no idea why. I do not have a Sears or Home Depot account and I don't have any citi cards. They must have gotten my private cell phone number, that no one has because it's for emergency only, from somebody in the "close eyes, throw dart at phone book" dept. It's a rinky dink pay as you go phone I keep in my glove compartment, I've never even used it, well at least I know it works.
This is probably legit.  They do represent several CR companies, including Sears and Home Depot.  When they call me, it's usually about my balance on my Home Depot account.  So far they've been courteous and cooperative.
I've been getting calls now for a week, today is Sunday. WTF- hope legislation in Congress changes soon.

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