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Reverse Phone Check:

Tewo calls, when answered, no speaks, lines goes dead after a few seconds.
Two calls, no-one speaks when answered, disconnects after a few seconds.
Got a call 4pm today on my mobile. The call was silent and stayed on line for about a half minute then cancelled.
Had a call from this earlier. The guy (Asian) said he was from Vodafone but i couldn't understand much else. It was a very bad line. I hung up after 30 seconds. They tried calling again at 9pm but i didn't answer
Is this a virus call which can attack the data on the phone?Is any one aware of this type of numbers.
I have had two missed calls on my mobile from this number at lunchtime. If they call back again and someone answers, I will be getting all details of the company and the caller as I have my mobile number registered with the Telephone Preference Service. I had a lot of cold calls from companies selling 'Ladies Insurance' and i did not appreciate discussing my Vulva/Cervix/Breasts etc with a man didn't know!
i had the same, disconnected when i answered and poor me was stressin over it 4 lyk 10 mins!! hope i dont get anymore, but atleast i know im not the only one!
just had a phone call from this number search the dialing code up some were in france they stayed on the phone for about 1 minuite but did not say notthing then hung up.
1st June, yes, i have just a call from this numner, and like everyone else, when answered, they just hung up!
I had a call from this number today. Sounded like a baby in the background - just making usual baby noises like the baby was messing with the phone and accidentally called someone. They hung up in the end.....
I have had a few and just ignoring them.  Anyone know who it is?
Ringing me every day but never connects when answered.
Got a call from this number on my mobile. Unfortunately missed it.Called it back and it wouldn't connect.Are we going to start getting these nuisance calls on our mobiles now?
I've had a number of calls from this number - no one at the other end
Got a few calls from this number. One of them in the small hours of the night. VERY annoying! When I answered they disconnected of course.
virgin say it is some ssort of premium number does mot connect
got a disconnected call when answered
got a disconnected call when answered

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