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I had a call from this number, they claimed to be from Sky Television and they were asking if my Sky Box was OK. All very well, except I don't have a Sky Box. They acknowledged this, apologised for wasting my time and said goodbye.A few weeks on, and they call back for the same reason. I explained that not only did I not have a Sky Box but I got a similar call a few weeks ago, and the situation still stabds. Halfway through stating my case...she hangs up. Inbelievable.
I have just received a telephone call from this number claiming to be the fraud department of NatWest Bank, stating that they have intercepted an attempt from Canada to withdraw money against my bank card. They were going to put a stop on my bank card so that I can still use it but no unauthorized person would be able to. Then he asked me to confirm I had a NatWest debit card (which I have), he then told me my address and telephone number, and then asked me if I could confirm the start date of my card. At this point I naturally said I was giving no further details over the phone as I had no confirmation that he was who he claimed to be. He tried to scare me telling me they would have to pay the amount. I said 'But i will confirm it with the NatWest fraud squad', which I will. He hung up.He had a heavily foreign accent.
this number is a pain in the arse, not only annoying but you cant even block this number, surely telephone providers can stop numbers like these getting through to us. you never now little children could answer these phone calls , where is our goverment , out fiddling more money again, some one should start a campain to stop all these nuisance call centres, even being with the telephone preference service does not stop this form of harrasment
Had a call from this number asking for my partner. When I said she wasn't here, the operator (it must be some kind of call centre) hung up.
zasto mi zvinis
Me han llamado 4 veces de ese número, no he contestado. Me gustaría saber quién es y qué pretende?
Just had one from a Dr Eric Richards from Apollo, asking for me while I was out
Just had a call from this number from an overseas contact centre, a very bad line. They advised me that they were squashing charges on any outstanding debts I may have.When he asked if I had any debts outstanding and I advised no he asked if I had any parking fines or rent/mortgage arrears, again I said no.They response I got was your life must be very boring, but it was nice to talk to me!!!!!!!Could not catch the name of the company
This number called me today from "click & click" i think he said the company was called, he a very strong asian accent. He asked for me by my surname and when i asked how he had my number he said that it was from a national database. He said that was i sitting in front of my pc because he could help me work through my problems with errors and warnings on my pc. I said i had no errors and warnings, he said i did and he could help me work through them. I repeated i didn't then i said i had software protection that covered me for this. He said that it was not wireless based but software based. I said that my computer was fine thank you, he kept asking if i was sitting in front of my pc, when i said my PC had no errors and warnings, he said well it will do and i tried to help you, i asked if he was threatening me, he said yuor PC will be full of errors and warnings, i repeated are you threatening me and asked to clarify the company to which the phone line went dead.
had 4 calls today1 was some inian call centre- let 2 ring, the other just yelled abuse at them
this numder is from a indian callcenter i love to find eny one that finds it tell me
We have received 6 calls from this number in last 3 days wanting to speak to us about our unsecured loan, was overseas call centre and very bad line. Dont have one so dont know what they are talking about.When I asked for his number he wouldnt give it, gave name of Company as Future Solutions London.Very rude and persistant. When I asked to speak to a Supervisor he hung up.Very suspicious
This number called my parents today and asked about my health, blood pressure etc - very weird.
this number called me 4 times, there was definatly someone on the other end but they never answerd and just hung up.......... waiting for the next call to blow a whistle down the phone, see if they ring back then ????
hi had this number call my mobile a few times but ive nevcer answerd it due to strange number
I just had them call me, regarding my recent loand application.....Let them do their whole spiel before telling them I'd not applied for a loan, went something along the lines of:"Hello how are you today, i'm calling about your recent loan enquiry. We are now in a position to offer you a much better deal on the amount you requested. Please be aware we are not a broker but an actual lender and the money will be in your account in 72 working hours. All I need from you is your account details and then a card number to make a pre-authorisation to check the account is valid. Also we do not do any credit checks, how much did you want to borrow."I said "If i've applied for a loan surely you can tell me how much I originally asked for" to which she said "But we are now in a postion to offer you a much better deal. How much would you like?".When I then said "I've not applied for a loan with anyone, and i'm definitely not going to give you my credit card details" they hung up immediately. (Probably to ring the next person on their list)
This number called me at 4.30 AM! I picked up and someone just hang up. Some stupid prank to reduce your sleep before going to work.
thought i would google this number as it came up as missed call on my mobile.  there i found your comments, so thanks.  i will report this to MARTIN's money tips as they like to know about 'scams'
This number called me and said they were from Sky. Seemed a bit odd as it was an overseas call center, normally Sky seem to call from Scotland. They said they were calling about my "new" HD Box and Sky Card and that it was a "courtesy call". The next question was about my payment methods to Sky. When I asked them why they needed this information as, if it is Sky calling, they have it on file, the guy said sorry and put the phone down!
Just had this number call, had to look twice whether I had read it correct. Rang for about two seconds then cut off. Strange haven't a clue who this could be.

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