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I want this number to stop calling me.
i   got a  phone  call from  this  number and  after  thinking  about it i  figured it was  some  kind of  scam  so  i called  to tell  them  i  changed  my  mind  and  could  not  locate  anyone
I got several calls today myself and it was also about a loan and he said that I was approved.  It was some foreigner.  I told him that I did not need his loan and he yelled and said "You don't want the money?"  I told him no I did not and he hung up.  I am going to do like the other person did the next time they call and just leave them hanging.  That was a good one.
They have been calling me repeatedly through an association with a school grant j applied for. I have no time to spare but I had to make an exception this time. I picked up and when they asked me for my bank routing # I told them to hold on, put the phone down for 20 minutes and when I picked it back up I asked him, "what was it that u needed from me?" He was pissed! So then I asked him how did it felt to be annoyed- he started to scream n then I asked if he could please hold again n I muted the cell. He Hung up afterward n they haven't call back since- 5 days ago.( I have unlimited minutes)
Just got my first call from this number today.  Received 4 other calls from a different 732 number as well.  Getting really annoying and frustrating not knowing who has my information!
343-671-8937  just called my cell phone....wierd thing is the number came up on my called id as (+343-671-8937) i have never seen a plus sign in front of a phone number b4.  I asnwered and the phone beeped 3 times then hung up.  i have no idea wtf this is about but it can't be good.
I kept getting called from this number this morning while I was getting ready to go to work.  Finally, I picked up and they said they were Quick Cash Locator.  I requested to be put on the do-not-call list and the man on the other end started trying to argue with me.  I told him I just wanted to be left alone and I didn't want anything from them.  Then he began mimicking everything I was saying.  I've never heard a telemarkter act so immature and unprofessional. I hung up.  I hope they stop calling.  I'm pregnant and I don't need this harassment.
i just recieved a call and they said i was approved for 1500(yeah right).they wanted my account info.who is this and what they want?i think this place should be made to give you what they say you are approved for.these phone calls are crazy...
This a$$ hole just tried calling me again.  I can't believe these people.
I just called 800-269-0281 from and they gave me an option to "opt-out." They said "Thank you, you've been opted out of WCA".  Funny, I "opted out" earlier this morning by calling this 800 # yet they are still trying to call me!! I have had other calls from "WCA" coming up on my caller ID the last few weeks.  These people BUG.
Found this.  Don't know if it's related. I think WCA Solutions is somehow associated with QuickCashLocator, and they make a lot of annoying phone calls.  Registrant: -- 1402 Forest Haven Blvd Edison, nj 08817 US Domain name: WCA-SOLUTIONS.COM Administrative Contact:    Marsh, Daria      1402 Forest Haven Blvd    Edison, nj 08817    US    9089171333
online loan accepted the guy was rude then asked to talk to a supervisor and he hung up
They have something to do with  Their so-called privacy statement states: "By subscribing, you are expressly consenting to receive prerecorded telephone messages from Platinum Online Group, Firebrand Group, S.A., LLC, doing business as Worldwide Commerce Associates (“WCA”), and Education and Degree Partners"
Just got a call from Ricter. I asked for a manager and a man named Steve answered. I asked for name of company, was told Quick Cash Locator based in Sacramento, CA. I asked for a call back number so I could call to complain. Steve said, "If you don't shut up, I'm going to fly to NY and piss on you, then kill you." I've never been threatened by a telemarketer before. I have never requested info on loans and am on the national do not call list since 2001. If you get any info on these people please post here so others can file complains.
wow these telemarketers have been calling me non stop for about a week. I keep telling them to stop and they call back the next day. im lost for words! someone please tell me what to do.
This number called my mom's cell about the whole loan thing. She stated she has never applied for any such a thing and she was pissed that they were calling her cell etc.. They hung up as soon as she was lecturing them, this is all I know. Anyone call the number from a blocked number to see? I think I may.
Trying to find out who owns this number.
Also got a call from this number, looking on other sites, it appears to be a telemarketer.
Got a phonecall too.Last week,and no today. Didnt answer.Found this site, fortunately!
I got the call too, but the number seemed so strange that I didn't answer, luckily. Hopefully this thing gets settled! I'm also from Finland.

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