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hoy recibí una llamada de este número pero no tenía el teléfono a mano. Devolví la llamada y me dicen que el número no existe. Eso de que es de un centro de estudios me da de qué pensar. Puede ser el Sae Institue de NY?
I just won $850,000 USD here in Australia.... yeah right... DO NOT CALL THEM BACK
whats the story being sent a text saying ive won 850;000 $ US....
just got the sms as well. whats the point, honestly do people think we're stupid????SMS says congratulations blah blah blah, ticket number blah blah email or call - same as above messages... I'm in Australia as well..
Got a txt today from bingolotos saying i've won 850 000 US $. Asks me to email and also the same number to call as is listed here. I'm in Victoria Australia.
Got a txt today from bingolotos saying i've won 850 000 US $. Asks me to email and also the same number to call as is listed here. gOLD COAST AUSTRALIA.
Got the same 850,000 US, call or email bingoloto in spain, What the...
I also got the same message from Bingo Lotto.  I have sent the email address an email to see who it is and what kind of scam it is.
i got same sms as well yesterday and i live in new zealand so yes i think it is a scam
I also got the same massage saying won 850,000,00u.s. yesterday.its a big s**t.
I received a TEXT message yesterday saying that i had won a bingo lottery worth $850,000-00 USD.
I got a txt saying my mobile number attached to ticket number B408029-ESP saying I won 850,000.00 US dollars... what crap is this
Scam via phones now,  me, exactly same number and message
recibo llamadas de este número y no se que es si alguien sabe que es que lo comente por favor
Won 850,000.00 euros Ticket number b-408029-espWat a s**t! What is the scam behind this?
Yes, yesterday i've got the same message!Really weird, just don't call i think..
Won 850,000.00 euros 7.46 5/2/10 what is the scam?
Got the same as a text message B-408029-ESP from
Got an Sms that i have won 850 000 € from some bingolottery....
Also gotten the same message like Juerg from bingospain0

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