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Got a text about getting $1,500 wired into my bank. Left me as website. Never used it
I received a call from this number a woman by the name of Pam claim to have legal papers and if I didn't call her back she was going to go my employer freeze my social security number and drop my credit score 65 points. She claimed to be ACF beware of these people end the call with have a bless day
Text message from this number "Getting harassed by Debt Collectors" ... etc....
When I called back the number, it was a female who also had a thick Indian accent and said she was from the CBI-Criminal Bureau of Investigation; whatever that is. She didn't even ask for me by the correct name so I'm not calling back, plus I have no ties whatsoever in NY
When I called back the number, it was a female who also had a thick Indian accent and said she was from the CBI-Criminal Bureau of Investigation; whatever that is. She didn't even ask for me by the correct name so I'm not calling back, plus I have no ties whatsoever in NY
We just got a call from this number.
If this #------» +000000000 calls me 1 more f***ing time HOUSTON we're going to have some MAJOR issues! The only people I owe are Sallie Mae & they get there payments! These damn NON english speaking a**holes make me sick!!!!
Just got a call from this guy, said he was from Brooklyn NY. Said I owed a loan and legal action would be taken.
I receive calls as mentioned above to other people, yes he has a heavy accent and cannot understand him with plain american names.  They are crazy and always change the name and supervisor must speak to me immediatelly.  When you keep asking questions about who they are collecting for and how much and why, he gets all upset and will hang up at times or keep asking can you hear me.BIG TIME SCAM
This is totally a SCAM, they keep calling work, cell phone, and anyone else they can get. Its all about a 300.00 payday loan, and that I was going to jail.......they continue to call how do you stop them??????
My BF got a call just like this.  I freaked out and tried calling the number back only to find an unknown full voicebox.  Same as all the other comments.  Indian-accent David Brown from ACS.  Said there was a lawsuit against the SS number and to call back immediately.  Glad I saw all these comments and didn't fall for it.
too have gotten calls from this number. I pleased them on my call reject list on my cell phone. this man with an indian accent has alot of compliants. i've noticed out of all the numbers i've research and found to have been made from fraudent companies there is bound to be at lest one indian male with a british sr name. to me he sounds like all the other indian male callers from anywere from advance cash with american legal services (fraudulant names they are not affiliatated with advance cash-and what american legal service????), to state investagater (but he will not give you what state and for what company he is representing), to strait out you owe use money and if we don't get $250.00 in two hours the police will be there to arrest you. Well with that last one i told him tht how long will they take to get here because i'll be waiting for them outside. Oh yah, almost forgot to tell you another thing he will use is that he is a lawyer and is filling a law suite against you for fradulant use of your own ss# and tries to gett your info. If they can't get it from you , they'll call your job and beginn toask for your personal info from them. fourtunatly, the line of work that I do is highly confadentual and no one can even say who is here or not, let alone any personal info. Just thought I give you heads up on this guy. Once again he sounds the same with no veration in his actual voice or indian accent. He will change his name and business name, but he will always use a british sr name. Yah that's not going to happen for a male of his indian background to take the sr name of his wife, and I doubt verymuch that his father is an english man. lol!!!!!!!!  I like to piss him off because it is easy to do. just simply keep asking him what the name of his company is and ask him to speak clearly because you don't understand. That really gets under his skin to the point that he will start acting unbecoming of a telamarkter. Have fun and I hope this info helps you.
I just wanted to let you know that I started receiving calls from this Scammer about a month ago and a few weeks after the first call, a random withdrawl was made out of my checking account for $29.86. Luckily I don't use that account and was able to see it immediately. I had to close the account and they continue to call now and again. We found that there was a connection between the call and the withdrawl so watch your bank accounts! But I like the idea of pretending to be my own lawyer and see what they have to say to that!
Just received a call from a 000-000-000 number and I let i go to voicmail.  It was from a heavy Indian accent man whose name was supposedly David Brown from ACS and he stated that I owed him money for some payday loan that i never took out.  I called the number back that he left 347-416-5090 and I told him that I had already turned him in to the police and the FBI and he laughed and hung up.  These people are scammers.
Man who called had an indian accent said he was joseph anderson of acs legal dept thaat i failed to pay a loan. He kept callin g walk no. thraating court action.
I have been receiving calls from this number for some time now. The number shows up as "unknown" or +000000 on my cell phone. The man who is supposedly named David Brown is calling both my cell phone and my place of employment. This number calls several times a day and all messages and the one time I did speak to him I was told that there was a legal issue filed against me and my social security number and that he was on my behalf so that I needed to speak with him ASAP before legal action was taken against me. It is super frustrating already!
Hi this guy calls my work, threatens me and is an !!!@#@$.  Once I called a different number and it was some sort of "publications". Each time this guy calls with the heavy accent, he gives a different number, threatens with being arrested by him :officer I do not know what.  I am scared of him, he says that he wishes me good luck because something bad is going to happen to me.  We all should call the police!
I actually called him back and said i was the lawyer of the person he called and that i was calling because he had requested her lawyer to call. and he put me on hold and never came! suck a loser.
I just got a call from this number - it shows up as 000-000-000 on my phone, but the caller left a voicemail message. I was told that his name was Chris Brown (keep in mind, I could barely understand his english, and he was clearly an Indian caller) and that he was calling from ACS. He told me that there was a lawsuit against my name and my social security number and that I needed to call back immediately. He also said something about my employer and references? Something to that effect, I could barely understand the message, and I listened 3 times! It was was super odd. Mentioned the number 3 times, so of course, the first thing I did was to Google it. I'm not a chump, and I think I know a scam when I hear one...
I work for a police department and just got a complaint regarding the same type of call from the Indian male. IT IS 100% a SCAM. If you get the call again just tell him you will be contacting the police and I doubt they will call back. Or you can piss him off in any way you'd like.

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