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Reverse Phone Check:

Do i have smoke detectors and fire alarms is the question they asked. I hung up.
This number called me about 10 minutes ago. Male voice, heavy accent. I couldn't understand a word he was saying, so I hung up.
"Nancy" called "we are doing a survey of safety in your community"  Asked if I had smoke alarms, asked if I had a fire extinguisher, asked if I had "any concerns" about fire or break-ins.  Then started asking for my name---wouldn't take no for an answer---I said I did not want to participate further in her survey and she said OK, I'll call you back---I said "please don't!"  and she said "expect my call"  Creepy!  That will teach me to answer just out of curiosity!
Woman with heavy Hispanic accent who would not/could not give me the name of her company gave me the same spiel about GE security systems. When I told her my number was on the Do Not Call Registry she hung up on me. Tried to call back. Got message via Skype "invalid number". Damn scammers! Get a freaking job!
This number called each of my three phone lines within 5 min then called the first number again 20 min later. When I answered the first call, a woman was on the line who said hello several times and acted as if she could not hear me. I hung up. All my phone numbers are Do Not Call listed.
I just got a call from this number. Woman with heavy accent said it "wasn't a sales call", it was a survey. Asked if I had smoke detectors, fire extinguishers. I told her yes. She asked if I was home owner, I said yes. Asked if I was concerned about fire or break ins, I said no. Asked for my first name and then said all who participated in survey are eligible to win a GE security system and if I won she would let me know. Yeah, right. Hope she calls back now I know for sure she is not legit to I can give her a few choice words.:)
Caller was a male with a strong accent and not very intelligible.  I thought he said his name (unintelligible) and "I'm calling from Kenya".  I asked him to repeat and thought again that he said he was calling from Kenya.  I said I didn't understand him and he hung up.  Some sort of scam to be sure.
I got a call from this number today. The caller could barely speak English. She claimed to be calling from GE and apparently several people in my neighborhood have won a discounted GE alarm system. Since I live about a mile from a huge GE facility, I know a little about GE, so I started asking her questions. She hung up.
Just received a call on my mobile and didn't answer because I did not recognize the number. Seconds later my wife received a call from the same number. We answered and they said that 10 households in our community had won GE Home Security Systems. The caller asked if we owned or rented our home. At this point I just wanted to get rid of him and told him we rented. This really confused him, he stammered a bit and then hung up.
Just received a call from this number and when I answered there was no one there.  I said hello severeal times, however, no one replied.
Just received a second call from this number and when I answered they hung up...
Just got a call from this number. Non-native English speaker claiming to be calling from GE and offering me (and 9 neighbors) a free security system. I doubt GE is doing this.
Just got a call from this number at my work (news media). They hung up immediately without saying anything.
The number called me at work.
This woman could barely speak english.TOTAL Salation????Asked her 6 times to repeat it ..she hung up
My boyfriend got a call from a woman from this number! He said she had a strong accent. She kept telling him that as the owner of our house, he has been selected for a free security system. He called me to tell me about it. I am the only owner on my house so his name and number should not be associated with my home. I am going to assume that it is some sort of scam.
This number has called me several times.  It came up as "Name Unavailable" so I didn't answer it.  Out of curiousity, I tried re-calling the number a few minutes later and the operator comes on and says I've reached a number no longer in service, even though that was the same number calling me a few minutes earlier!  I am going to block this number so they don't call again.
Missed call from this number and no msg. Tried calling back twice and got pre-recorded msg stating the caller was unavailable at this time and to try back again.
Just received a call from this number telling me I had won a trip to Cancun AND Florida.  Menu said to press 1 to speak to an agent or 2 to be taken off the list.  Pressed 2 and got an agent who would not answer my questions or agree to take my number off of his list.

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