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unwanted phone call
They just called me too...I heard someone say hello...was really static and sounds of wind in the background. What pisses me off is this is my cellphone these a**holes are using up my minutes with unwanted calls. I need to get a app on my phone to block these idiots.
Keeps calling my cell phone, during the day.  Claims that I have been pre-approved for $1500 credit, and wanted to know how much I wanted to apply for.  Told them this was a cell phone and I was being charged for the call, and to remove me from the calling list.  Before I was even done with the statement, the man with a heavy accent hung up.
I have received these calls also first saying they are doing surveys or I am qualified for a cash advance. It all started after my identity was stole and my bank acct was drained. So please be very careful. The people calling from these numbers have very thick accents also. I have learned my lesson doing any kind of stuff online. If you are getting these calls I would sign up for some type of identify theft monitoring and be very cautious after that.
Even though I'm registered with Do-Not-Call, I've been getting these calls, and also from 650-294-4008, and now an international number, as well as numerous spam text messages are starting to show up on my cell phone. Really annoying, I filed a complaint, hope they get caught and have to fork over ten grand.
If you are on the "do not call" list, report them.  Here is the link...
I get these phone calls all day - I have even called my local police and fbi about it. im sick of this crap now I have this great button on my phone its called a REJECT LIST I tell my phone to reject it and off they good - never even hear the phone ring..Try it... damn pest ..
I've received this phone # on my cell phone several time and finally on the 3rd time I picked up while shopping and the guy had an Indian accent as well. Told me I won $ and I was like 'yeah right' and hung up. Lol   Don't give them any info!!!
Interesting! I've been getting a call from this number now twice a day. Same routine, no message. But, what' s I don't like is it's my cell phone number! WIll register my cell number on the do not call registry now to see if that helps.
I also received these calls. They started on September 30, 2010.  They continue call my number. Does anyone knows who this is?? I was suprised to see alot of other people recieved these calls as well .. I will ignore them from now on.
just got the same call  - called back and it keeps saying "you must first dial the area code"
Claiming I was prequalified for $1500 cash advance and money could be in my acct next day.  The phone # is a bogus # when I call get fast busy=nonworking number. He said they were in Oklahoma City.  But when I asked for their customer service #, he gave me 510-722-6007 which is in the San Francisco Bay Area (and this # gives dead air then busy).  Caller from India call center.  Thick accent.  Do not give them any of your info!
This is the same company that calls from the 212-777-3456, I get a call everyday at 9:10 - 9:20 am. I have never answered.  I also thing this is the same company that texts m saying I won a Walmart gift card.  Since they are calling from offshore, I am not sure if anything can be done since these are not their real numbers.  Any idea of how to get this people to stop calling??
My friend answered that number and they said She was approved for a pay day loanShe did the process and put me down as a reference. She said they approved her for a loan of200 dollar it will be there next day in the account. She never received the money and now they call me saying I applied for a pay day loan and was approved. I told them it Was not true and I told them how they got my number and they hung up on me. Be aware now my friend thinks they will charge her acct for money she never received.
I got a call from this number too and the guy told me that i was offered an amount if cash in advance. I said "no! Thanks" and hung up.
The person that called me from this number knew my name and asked if I applied for a "Pay Day" loan. Which of course I did not, he was polite when I told him no, thanked me and hung up. Worries me that he knew my name.
Same thing, but no one there.Probably an autodialer.
I'm getting those calls too, and I don't know who it is. Same thing is happening. Very weird.
Someone / thing is calling me from the noted phone number.  Doesn't leave a message, just hangs up. Anyone else getting these calls?

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