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I didn't order any online prescriptions, however, I did put 2 ads up on craigslist, and soon after started receiving calls (non stop) from this 360-742-1886, and I know for a fact they got it off CL, cus they asked for me, and it is actually my son's cell number.
Who is this company?
I haven't ordered anything from anyone ever, i have had my phone for four years, I suspect that this person or company is trying to survey when we are home or available by continiously calling us. with out knowing who, what, or why, i would be very concerned. especially since so many of us have the same problem with the same company, and i am sure several people that have the same problem don't even bother to try and figue out whats going on. Anyone know of a solution to stop these calls and put an end to the menace?
Caller has the name lists from online prescription drug sites.  Most likely everyone on this site, my self included, who has been called has ordered prescription drugs online.  These folks call from outside the US and use software to spoof their caller ID from a variety of states.  I keep their caller ID (scammer 1, scammer 2, etc), then I have fun and mess with them... Some ideas:  speak fake chinese (or just jibberish).... Pretend the person they are trying to call just died and act hysterical (you can go to ask them if they had anything to do with the death).... Pretend you believe they are the person sleeping with your spouse.   BOTTOM LINE:  They wont stop calling, so have fun, waste their time, and really mess with them.  Help make THEIR day miserable! :)
got a call from them today at 3607421886 and no answer from the other line. just frustrating  .This is rude to continue calling like this.
Received a call from another 1-800-334-5698 number the other day doing a questionaire about environment.  As they did not ask for personal information, I had responded to questions.  However, I became suspicious when they said I would go into a draw for a prize.  This 360-742-1886 number called me today and said that I won the prize for doing a questionaire and I can choose between a slow cooker, or a 3 night stay at various resorts.  I told the caller that I absolutely was not interested and suspicious of the whole deal and was not interested in any of what they had to offer.  At first she seened surprised but said ok.  All probably a big scam as they would have probably asked for my personal info at this time if I would have accepted the prizes.
Someone keeps calling from this number but there are no messages left. How do I get them to stop?
360-742-1886 - I am registered w/ every Do Not Call list available and this number still gets through. Called the phone company trying to block this number.  When you call it it beeps as if disconnected.  This has got to stop!!
This needs to stop someone needs to not only report the number but sue them for harassment.
this number just called my home and identified themselves as Medicare - asked my husband if I had any mobility problems.  He told them no- fell for their gimmick.   Call back on the number just keeps ringing busy.  What is this nonsense - someone is benefitting somewhere.
I know it is a medication company. They sell prescribtion drugs. They would have got your number if you ordered things before. Anyone just tried blocking the darn number........   geezo
Have received 10-20 calls from this number one right after another but they won't leave a message
they keep callin and calling and calling and calling . . .i can't take it anymore!!
no message
Got a call with no message left.
Received calls from this number every hours today.  They didi not leave any message.

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