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Ce numero me bipe à plusieurs reprise. je ne connais pourtant pas l'identité de la personne
me too 5 min. ago
same happened to me, I verified the +370 it's coming from Lithuania (why the first message saying from palestinian territory?)call happened Sunday Mai, 2nd 2010 13:00 GMT (look at that :00 scary ewww)should be a son of someone rich playing & wasting time..
me too last night
I receive the call and nobody answers. Who are you?
i have received a call also but nobodys talking !!!+37091003355
I'm from tunisia and I received this call today at 1:00 pm
i received call also but nobodys talking.. creepy caller..
i got acall from this number today at 6am in the morning, am in eldoret kenya. and the caller didnt answer, hug up. what the hell is this and what the call about
received this early morning missed call, it sound's fishy
I forget to mention the number+37091003355 and I'm from Tunisia
I recieved a call from this number ! buut the call didn't talk !
Got a call from that number.  Anybody to expalin the scenerio or whats going on?
I too received a call from +37091003355 on 18th March 2010 at 1919 hrs but the caller did not talk! I'm wondering where the call originated from? Please assist in identifying the source of this call! (I'm based in Kenya)
Tuko wengi kumbe .... Anyone or the interpol can search what these guys are all about? &what they want or up to by calling then hanging up?
yea me toooo
Hi! Me too I received a call from this number +37091003359 last week. I am from Tunisia. What's the matter?
it's 15/03/2010 at 00:00:02 this number called me +37091003359i'm from algeria
Oooohh I thoght I was the only 1!!where is this num from??wich country??I just txted asking about who it was!!
I got a call from +37091003361 but the caller didnt talk. who is he/her

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