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Got a call from this number. The caller did not leave any message.
does anybody know what happens if you asnwer the call???? I didnt look at the number and answered cuz i waited an another call. Is there some money going t them when I answer or when I cal back???
This was a call lasted only 1 sec and than was interrupted. I didn't call back but was quite strange.
Got a call today from +37181065174. They caled me and as soon as i received it it went off. I tried call back but couldnt pick up. I have search and its a Bulgarian number. They must be criminals, but can never get a cent form me. I am hard to play on. Where is Interpol?
sorry not bulgaria but latvia
I'm from Albania and someone has called me from that number... I didn't pick up... It's from Latvia...
From Nairobi, I believe that caller is from some PRSP who expect you to call back. In that process, you end up paying heavy PRSP costs for the call. Its just fraudulent.
I'm from Maldives and I've a call from +37181065174 as well today 6:18 in the morning. I didn't pick up the call. Can some one tell me who is calling me?
I received the call at night approximately 3.50 But I did not answer.
I'm in Burkina Faso and missed a call from this number today. I'm call back and a girl answer me. She sad my name is charlotte I'm from canada. I say she it's mistake Bye.
I'm from australia and I've a call from +37181065172 as well today early in the morning. It was disconnected right when I picked up the phone.I did not ring back.
Just got a call from the Number +37181065174 and immidiately i picked and said hello it went off. The connection was for just ONE SECOND TOO!! The time says 15:57:22, but by my Local Time it should be about 16:45:00 hrs.I am interested in which country has the International Code!Thanks.
I got a call from this number and when I picked up the call, I only heard some noise fax or disconnected like....I tried to call back, no chanse...
sundey.07.11.09. am fost sunat de acest nr +37181065174.cine dracu esti ce meu men.
Hello. I am from Estonia. I got a phone call from a slightly different number - ending in 2, not 4. 2nd November, daytime. I didnt notice it was a foreign number, but it got disconnected the first second. I did not call back, but did call my phone line operator. They were not interested and said it was probably a wrong number. Now I see I was right, it wasnt. The call was from number +37181065172
I'm in Australia, and missed a call from the same number. I have tried to call back, and have been connected, however there is just silence. Anyone got any idea yet?
got a call, it was disconnected after 1 sec.Deciding by the number, this call came from a Latvian mobile phone.Someone is making a phonebook of activated GSM numbers for SMS scam?
vreun satelit indian care umbla hahihui pe deasupra romaniei, de data asta , nu?
im in estonia and just got a call from same number, it was quite strange, so i didnt answer. can anybody tell what the f*** ise going on? is it somekind of scam?
37181065174 - who?

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