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I too got this message this morning about winning 550,000 pounds from +375 297770215 what a joke
Guess we're all lucky today :) Ditto
george, i received the same sms that i won 550.000 pounds from two different numbers. +375297770526 +375297770070, it must be a hoax be aware.
I got the same message very early this morning from +375297770150 have reported it to scamwatch
Message received as below:Your mobile No has won 550,000 pounds in the ongoing Alpha Telecoms Intl Promo in UKSend name & address in email to sort of deal is this?
my mum jst gt the same msg... from 375297770847 saying the same s**t
Woke up to this message on my phone:Your mobile No has won 550,000 pounds in the ongoing Alpha Telecoms Intl Promo in UKSend name & address in email to wish it were possible, would come in handy.
Wow, so many ppl won 550,000 pounds including me! I must graciously decline....I find it strange that any company would simply go out and pick someone at random to win a prize when they haven't even entered in the draw themselves.
Yes, I got lucky this morning too!No. 375297770801
This message was on my phone - identity theft scam?"Your mobile No has won 550,000 pounds in the ongoing Alpha Telecoms Intl Promo in UKSend name & address in email to"
Got same . I must all be very lucky 2 day.your mobile no won 550000 pounds in the ongoing Alpha-Telecoms intl mobile promo in uk.  to claim send name and address to from +3752977708717I'm sending lots of spams to the email address and see how they deal with it?? Ha Ha
18.07.2010.  Dear winner, We deeply congratulate you once again for winning the Lutrija Mobile Lottery. All participants Mobile numbers in this lottery program were selected randomly through a computer ballot system, drawn from 85.000.000 individual mobile phone numbers from all registered networks around the world.Your Mobile number was picked by the automated computer ballot system, which was programed for this random selection.This random selection has eventually qualified you for this year Annual Lutrija Mobile lottery Winning. This promotional pro-gramme takes place annually, and is being promoted and sponsored by eminent personalities like,Chaleo Yoovidhya, Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi, Bill Gates of Microsoft Inc.With the support of other corporate companies and organizations to encourage the use of Mobile phones and computer systems worldwide. Please fill the attached winner's application form or Provide the below information to enable us commence with the processing and payment of your won prize fund. ******************************************************* 1. First Name:2. Last Name:3. Address:4. City:5. Occupation:6. Nationality:7. Sex:8. Age:9. Marital status:10. Winning Mobile Number & Ref No:11. Contact email ad::********************************************************Your Mobile number was attached in the B category which qualified your winning balloting ball numbers and fall in our European regional center United Kingdom, London for payment. The prize fund is temporally deposited with our correspondent paying bank in  Phnom Penh Cambodia for payout to the category B winners. For further information, please email us or call at  +447045727668      Please endavour to come forward on time to enable the bank make the transfer before the last date for the remittance of this prize fund to the lucky winners.   For security reason, we ask that you keep your reference/award from public notice until your claim has been processed and the money remitted to your account as this is part of our security protocol to avoid double claiming and unwarranted taking of advantage of this programme by people as it has happened in the past. Should you have any further information please contact me for proper directions.   Best RegardsMr.Evan WilliamsTel: +447045727668  Lutrija Lottery Office United Kingdom
I have recieved the same message thru my mobile phone 3days ago saying that i win 400,000 POUND form a mobile lottery draw i wish its real but somehow i think its a scam im not sure but hope someone there help me if this is really a scam????
I got the same message on my mobile but they asked tosend my mobile number to lutrijal. The text came from 1 -809-859-9380.Didn't they already have my No.??? How stupid
THEY THINK IM DUMB!!! ITS ALL A BIG SCAMMM..    my tel/     00218913235674
New number: 855978177675 to phone or e-mail ref:NZ/04 to to claim your 400,000 winning from Lutrija 2010 lotto sent from 33841410000. I only play NZ weekly lotto?
number this timeYou won $500,000USD in Lutrija Mobile Draw.For information:Send your Email address to +66823238664 OR send REF No: KEN/87 to
number this time +358405205066You won $500,000USD in Lutrija Mobile Draw.For information:Send your Email address to +66823238664 OR send REF No: KEN/87 to
different number this time +31653131617you won $500,000 in Nov 09 Lutrija Draw. send REF:AUS/B to ( to claim money from bank or more info's +66880802526+447024022794

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