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stop, quit, cancel, unsubscribe, stop all messages.....
i text cancel to this message and got a 1877-817-1610 number
once your received the message saying you had been optedf out and will no longer receive messages or charges.. did you have to pay anything? i sent it right after i got the message. and im totally worried!
Thnak you people for your quick info love it was wondering where those thrity bucks came charging from last month f--k well thanks!! very helpful
Hey everyone this number that is texting you all is a joke sight. i was looking for jokes and they said to put my number in and i did and they texted me a joke and then i found the 9.99 charge on my bill. so if you all are wondering where it came from it was from some joke site. that website was also on the text message i got.
I got a similar message to stephanie's above.I have no clue what this sh1t is.
As soon  as I received the message (twice) I found this fourm.  Quickly sent CANCEL to 37975.  A reply was sent back with ( Standard Rate Plan Info Alerts:  You have not been registered nor billed.  Visit or call 1-877-817-1610) .  Hope I don't get charged.  I don't know what this is.
i'm clueless as to the meaning of this text. it's just and annoyance. i'd like to know the company's name though i just deleted it.
I got it too and they charge you the 9.99, its already on my bill
Called Verizon, text CANCEL to 37975 and you are unsubscribed, still have pay the bill though darnit but I only got hit one time, BETTER DO IT QUICK !!!
I hope this isn't some type of hacking!  Hate things like this.....
I got this same message just now.xxxx=PasswordType into website StandardRatePlanSub monthly 9.99Msgs Custom 4UType Password into website:9148I am with Sprint and have no idea who this is.
I got these messages too, I don't give my number out and I didn't do the Haiti thing, so I don't know where they came from.
I have been charged 9.99 for this service. I did not sign up for this. It needs to be taken off my bill.
I got the same message a few days ago. I NEVER give my number out, so I don't know who the text is from or how they got my number. If anyone knows anything about it, please let me know. The text I got is below.3823 = PasswordType into websiteStandardRatePlanSub monthly 9. 99Msgs Custom 4UType Password into website: 3823
I got 4 txt messages back to back saying the same thing. "6297 = password type into website StandardRatePlan sub monthly 9.99 Msgs Custom 4U" I hope they don't charge my bill. I'm about to call AT&T right now so they'll take it off my bill and blacklist the number!
I got these msgs too, and was wondering if anyone else here used the text msg to donate money to the Haiti fund? It seems weird that it has happened to so many people so quickly, and that's the only place where I've given my cell#.
i got a text very similar to that just a few minutes ago.  it said:7391=passwordtype into websitestandardRatePlansub monthly 9.99msgs Custom 4Utype password into website:7391
12 messages back to back inside 2 seconds with6816=password Msgs Custom 4Uin the body. No help from AT&T other than to schedule a call back after the billing cycles to start an investigation.

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