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Its CARD SERVICES - wanting lower your interest rate! I pressed 1 like they asked. (Because I was at work and it was not my home number) and some guy came on the phone asking me if I had 8000 + dollars in Credit Card debit! I said " Heck no" and he hung up on me!
Just received a call from this number at work, funny how they have access to government numbers.
Received a call on my cell but didn't get a voicemail.
automated voicemail was left from this number, telling me there is nothing wrong with my account and that I am eligible for a lower interest rate and this is my last chance to get in on the lower rate..... BS.....
Received message from that phone number, claiming to lower my car payments. Thought it was weird that no company name was given. Now I see why.
Just dead air when I answer.
just got the call too and it was dead air.  Stop calling me
I got the call also and I live in Canada.The call began with an urgent notice about my credit card interest rate.  I knew this was a scam, so I pressed "1" to speak to an "operator". I immediately asked what company she was calling from.    She said "It's about your Visa card". I said "I don't have a Visa card"."Oh, then it's about your Mastercard"."WHAT COMPANY ARE YOU CALLING FROM???""It's about your interest rate.""Excuse me, but this is obviously a scam...."And then she hung up on me.I called the number back and was given an option to press "2" to be put on the DNC list.Still angry that this telemarket broke the law (my daughter was a telemarker for a brief 3 months and is fully aware of the laws they must follow), I called back again and pressed "1" to speak to an operator.  I was on hold for about 30 second and the I heard the line get connected ... and then the person hung up on me.  I guess they knew my number.I have no idea how much the 2 long distance calls will cost.  I'm only praying that I actually end up on the DNC list.IT'S ALL SO UNETHICAL!
Calling me in Canada, looking for personal information.
Calling me in Canada, looking for personal information.
i just got a call from this numberi'm really glad i checked it out.  it took a couple of tries before i found this site, but it saved me a long distance phone do these people get someone's cell phone number if the cell phone isn't listed in the telephone directory?  i don't understand that.
I received a couple calls yesterday, and one today on my cell.  Like all of you, I'm in Canada, # is in FL. No message. Luckily from this page I know what to do next time they call, answer and act really interested.
also got a call from this number earlier today (dec 28th). Sounds like it's prerecorded, because often when I get those, I don't get the whole message, but all she/it said was, 'no further notices. THANK YOU. Have great day!"And the first word,  "no", was cut off so it sounded like the last part of of the word "no"..... "noooo further notices". If that makes sense? It's hard to type what was heard. It was like half a "no". So obviously,( to me,) it was pre-recorded, because IT didn't wait for the beep on my VM.I can't remember if this was the same number because I got a longer message recently from a Florida area code, (and I'm in Canada) telling me I "won" a cruise docking from the area. Sure I did. Sure. If winning, means handing over my credit card info. Which I am only assuming they would have asked for, had I called them back. I feel badly that someone in my situation, which is a common one these days>>>>little money, scraps of work<<<<< could get taken in because they are probably having a rough time, and any bit of what seems like good news would be welcome. And so they get taken in, which only further adds to their misery. I wish I could get a job helping people avoid this mean spirited thievery. I'd even take it minimum wage, doing this all day. At least I would feel like I was helping and doing something positive in this world. And that kind of fulfillment is something no amount of money could buy. It really saddens me, because I know these thieves know, that if they hook someone, that person's pride often will get in the way of them informing their friends, family and most importantly, appropriate "authorities" that this happened to them.
Saw this number on my call display. Didn't pick up as I live in Canada and this is apparently a Florida area code?
just saw they left a message - it was a pre-recorded message from a lady named 'Deborah' telling me that it is my last chance to call to get a lower interest rate on my credit card.
got the same call and also located in Canada....probably a phishing scam to get your personal info and many people will call unfortunately.
Called my cell phone, did not respond when I answered the call.
they just called twice, did not pick up. tell them to buzz off
No message left...
Call up your broadband company and tell them you will switch to dish the next time you get a call from these people.  Thats what I'm going to do the next time they call.  Don't get mad.  Hit their subscriptions.

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