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Reverse Phone Check:

Just got called twice in a row by this number on my CELL phone. I don't have many minutes, so I didn't answer. Apparently 401 is the area code of Rhode Island?? Glad I looked this up - I was thinking about answering and telling the person they had the wrong number. Now I know that it's a scam and not a real person, I'll just push the 'ignore' button.
Got a call from this number today, and the "robot" told me to press 1 to hear the message.  I hung up without pressing 1 to hear the message.  The next thing I got was a length text message saying the following:"You've got a new voicemail from 401-515-0266.  Preview: Ability for the government's economic stainless modification program, urging lenders to modify Mortgage Terms on loans taken out after the year 2005.  This program is designed for homeowners who are late on mortgage payments have start of the foreclosure process or have had recent financial hardship, press one now to find out if you are eligible.  This program a drastically reduce your interest"That is the message verbatim, including all of the incorrect English and grammar.  From the looks of the previous posts, this number has shown up with a fair amount of frequency in a number of scams.Answer at your own risk!!!
have no idea who clled or why. suspect it may be ahijack attempt
Who is this?
How does one prevent telemarketers from calling one's cell number?  I got a recorded advertisement on my cell, which is this the beginning?
For me they said it was a "sex slave" company and did I want one free ???
came up "APP consumer service" on my droid
no message was left I dont like this
telemarketer Robo call- pumping low interest loans - BEWAREwhen I told them I was on the national DNC list the rep hung up on meTurn them in to the FCC and DNC sites
Telemarket robo call  - beware
This number calls me a few times a week, never leaves a message.
Called a bunch, never left a voicemail, often at odd hours.
Several calls to my cell from this number, never leaves a message.
Someone offering to install a free alarm system in my house next week... um, no thanks... I've seen that movie.

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