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Always from these creeps,,,,,
I received a robot call from this number, saying it is my credit card company (doesn't name the company) and that everything's okay  with my account, but  I can take advantage of low interest rates for a short time only... to press 9 to talk to someone about locking in on these low rates. I'm kind of sorry I didn't press 9 so I could get  more information to report on what obviously is a scam.
I get these automated "card services" phone calls all the time. I thought they couldn't call you if your number is on the "do not call" list. I generally don't answer them, but they are annoying. Obvious scam looking for credit card numbers and pin numbers.
not friendly... call even those on the do not call list
I took the call and pressed 9 to talked to "Amanda."  She did sound southern.I asked where thier business was located.  She asked me if I intended to come in and shoot them all.I asked her why she would think that - if they are jsut trying to get people lower interest rates on their credit cards?She hesitated a bit, then said it happens frequently because people think they are getting scammed.I asked for a phone number I could call them back on - and she hung up.I give this a 99% chance of being a scam.
When these losers call, press 9, get a live person and waste their time!!! Nothing drives them more nuts than this! Have a good fake name ready (I use "Yuri Nediot") When they ask for credit card numbers tell them you've got to "get your glasses to read the tiny numbers" (take your time and mutter to yourself here) then read the first 4 on the card (which tells them what kind of card it is but will not identify your acct.) then make up the rest... a few mistakes and retractions add more time and frustration on their part! Have fun with these turds!The FCC, FTC and Verizon are USELESS! Only WE can shut em' down, waste their time and drive them crazy.
I too get these horrid fraud calls from this telematrketing company that tries to pass itself off as either your bank or your credit card company in order to get you to use their services. If you press 9 and talk to a rep, even demanding to be taken off the list doesn't work. They just hang up on you.
answered to noone on the other end
Fraud Calls From 404-895-5538. Impersonation / Message states " Your Current Credit Card Account".  It's Not your credit card company and violates the "do not call" registerty.
In this day and age, one would think that such cold calls would have no effect at all, and therefore would eventually diminish, but not so.  There are still people out there willing to do business by phone with people they have no knowledge of, and it's because they're just as desperate to make money.  Now I just take my phone off the hook before going to bed.
404-895-5538  -- This is the usual "Card Services" SCAM.  "This is your last chance to lower your interest rate on your card."  Which card?  "Your card... Do you have $4000 balance on any card?"They want you to dial the card company, enter your card # and PIN to "verify"...  I believe the SCAM is they steal your card number and PIN in this process.
No message, only number.  Won't answer to unidientified calls.
pre recorded message advising lowering of interest rates on credit card. Card name never stated. Asked to press '9' and then call hangs up. I have received this call many times and i work for the phone company. The number comes in as a Georgia Call as well as Cellular call. Based on existing blogs it appears this number is a scam of some sort and the FCC should be dealing with these folks harshly.
Voicemail picked it up, I played back and it was just a hang-up. I suspect this is a "forged" caller id, so lets not jump on the lady with the cleaning service - she is probably not responsible, just an innocent victim.
Just got a call on my fax line from this number.  Used the info posted by exile360 to find the following: Patty Burnett5077 Martindale LnStone Mountain, GA 30088-1218(770) 465-0772 Job title: PrincipalCompany: Top 2 Bottom CleaningAge: 53Listing date Oct. 2009 that helps everyone.
receive call from 404 895-5538, Atlanta GA., I do not know anyone living in Atlanta GA., caller ID was just number and Atlanta GA., I have a policy of not answering any call w/ the caller ID missing or incomplete. I did somw research w/ a friend who has acess to good information on these type of telehone calls. The cell phone is register to a Patty Burnett in Atlanta GA., has a real estate license and own's a home cleaning company named "Top 2 Bottom Cleaning".........
Who, or what, is this number????
Very Unfreindly Telemarketing Company
Several calls from this number.
Just got a call from this number, Friday about 3:15 p.m. Woman identified herself as Katie, sounded Hispanic, says that she is with Home Solutions, who does home repairs, painting, siding, gutters, and tells me someone will be in your neighborhood and can give you an estimate. I'm on the Do Not Call list, so I asked them to verify the name of the company and asked where they were. She said Marietta (GA), Roswell Road. I asked if I could get a number to call them back and she said 770-650-9782, which of course is out of service. This (404 566-2660) number gives you a weird tone if you try to call it back, so I had no way to reach them to give them a piece of my mind. There is no such company listed in Marietta on Roswell Road. Scammers is my guess.

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