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Reverse Phone Check:

Automated voice saying, "If you would like to have your ad appear at the top of Google's search results, just press 1."  No option to speak to a person or remove from list.  So I pushed 1.  It said something like, glad you're interested, if you'd like to be removed from our calling list, please press 9.  I PRESSED 9 - GUESS WHAT - THAT'S AN INVALID SELECTION!!!  I even returned to the menu and let it ask me to push 9 again - and yep, invalid selection.  Well, I'm off to find a place to report these morons.
One of dozens of calls I receive on a weekly basis to "Update my Google Listing".  I am so glad I am on the "do not call list".  I wonder if it might really be a list of good phone numbers that the government sells to telemarketers, wouldn't surprise me.
These people call every day. They are trying to get you to spend money on Goggle advertising placements. You can do this yourself by going to Now that I am familiar with the number I never answer the call.
I receive calls from405-416-1899 which is disturbing with false promises and promotions.
I keep getting called from this number but they never leave a message
Automated junk call to my home; illegal because we're on the "Do Not Call" list and also because it was a recorded message. If you get called by this SEO scamming outfit, report it to the FTC. Note that you can do this even if your number is listed as a business line or if you are not on the "Do Not Call" list, because these junk calls use a recorded message. The reporting page is at
Keep getting calls from this number.  I call back and get a message that the line is disconnected - weird.
Same crap SEO sales company scam.
autobot called they would not answer until I said helloTOld them I do not give this kind of info over the phone so they hung uptrying to call back lead to a dead line.
autobot called they would not answer until I said helloTOld them I do not give this kind of info over the phone so they hung uptrying to call back lead to a dead line. If every one who gets a call files a complaint with  maybe someone will shut them down.
same thing. call to update my google listing, but is in fact a "SEO" company. a call back yields an "all circuits are busy now" message.
First they call from a blocked/restricted number and when you pick up no one answers, almost like they're checking to see if the line is active.Then after about 10 minutes the call start coming from the 405-419-1899 number with a recording tell you to hold for a live rep.(this is illegal in some states, you must have a live person on the phone not a recording when telemarketing).
Call from Oklahoma - didn't leave a message and when I try to call back it is busy.  I am tracking calls due to a harassment suit so people like this make my life difficult.
These people are so rude and stupid. If they are trying sell something they should know what they are selling. Isn't it illegal to call people like this? I think Google should do something about this company because they are using Google's name, and when I ask what the name of their company they don't answer me! They even say that the name of the company doesn't matter.
Keep calling and never leave a message.  Called them back to remove from mailing list but was left on hold after an automated answering system.
SEO placement is a LIE!  Do these idiots actually think no one out there is aware of Google AdWords sponsored listings?  Seriously??!!  If you want to list with GOOGLE then go to GOOGLE.COMSCAM TELEMARKETERS should be ashamed of themselves but I doubt they are...they're probably proud of being a batch of LOSERS, THIEVES, and LIARS!
got call 405-416-1899    to update my google listing?
Papa Johns offering a free pizza with the purchase of a equal or greater value pizza.
2 times today these idiots called while I was on a conference call. Didn't answer, glad I looked it up.
Papa John's recorded call about weekend specials. Apparently lots of companies use this company to send out automated messages.

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