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Reverse Phone Check:

Numerous calls from this number, even after telling them to stop, even after going through their automated system to be taken off their call list. Caller ID says V121... ... ... ... ... or V122... ... ... ... ... or... ... I've received 15 different V#'s on Caller ID. We went to the National Do No Call Registry; and filed a complaint.  We've been on this list quite some time. After placing complaint we received yet another call, I told them that we'd filed a complaint (not sure if they heard me or not).  We've not received another call - yet.
This was a call from Montana (per my caller id).  I answered the phone and heard alot of noise in the background.  Finally a Woman says "hello" like she knew me.  I said who is this?  She said Colleen.  Like I was stupid for not knowing her.  She told me she was from a local mortgage company (which I knew was wrong because I don't live in Montana) and that she wanted to talk about a refinance.  I told her I was busy and not interested.  She didn't listen and kept going.  I hung up.  But she gave me a number to call her back 888-497-9349 x925.  I did a reverse toll free # lookup for this 800 # and this is their website.
I got the call today as well.  12/22/2010, I will not call to see who this was or what they wanted. I will keep a note not to even bother to pick up the next call.  My caller ID got the name V1222130010059.  What a pain in the a**!
(406) 942-5828 Name:Available In ReportAddress:Available In ReportCarrier:Available In ReportCity/State:Available In Report, MTPhone Type:LANDLINE
how do you get the crack head people and others like them to leave you alone?   I just looking filled out some surveys on line such a stupid mistake to actually put my phone number on there, now I am constantly getting phone calls at work and my cell phone. Wish there were some way to peddle back and removed what I did :( Thank you people here who have let me know who is calling me.
Some kind of loan shark org
Received 2 calls no message......
I received a call from them and they asked me about health insurance. A little over a year ago I had inquired online about health insurance and I continue to get phone calls from them. When I told them I was not interested they immediately hung up.  VERY RUDE!!!! When I called back it offered to put me on a do not call list, but it does not give you the name of the company or any confirmation of being placed on the list. It just hangs up once you push one to be on the list. AGAIN VERY RUDE!!!!
Got a call today 12/21/2010; answered it and no one on the line....hung up.
Just got a call from this number.  Didn't answer, didn't leave a message.  Did a reverse look-up and found nothing.
Received three phone calls from Glasgow, MT.  They dont leave a message and when answered the phone disconnects.  Probably a debt collector.  The call came in today (12/21/2010) at 11:58 AM here in Arizona. Previous phone calls are around noon.
Just received a call from this number as well. I said "Hello" a few times but nobody answered me, and and a few seconds later I also heard the Robo voice saying "Goodbye." I thought it sounded slightly East European, but I'm not sure. I've received a phone call from this number three or four times in the past.. unfortunately, I have no insights into what this caller wants.
Montana?  That's what this area code indicates.  I don't know anyone in Montana!
Missed a call from this number on 12/17/10. Left no message.
Twice called on consequtive days.  Robo message was only "Good bye" and then a hangupCalls traced to this number
Got a call from this number, answered it and some guy says something in Spanish. I didn't say anything other than, "hello", again and he replied, "this means I want you".  Hung up at that point.
I ignored the call.

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