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They call every single day and do not say anything when answered.
I get multiple calls a day from this number. When I answer, it hangs up and when I call it back it says it's some grocery store $1000 give away. It's anoying & now that were going on a few weeks of it, it's out right pissing me off.
Last night I called 800-316-8347 and hung up....Now I am getting calls from this 408# and there is nothing and then it says "Good-bye"
I have received numberous call day and night from this number and I am sick of it.  They never say anything they just hang  up
I have no clue who is calling me from this number. I've called it back and the message says something like "this is not a working number". If it's not a working number then how the heck is it calling my house every day?! I just want it to stop. It only calls once a day and it's usually about the same time. I think it may be an automated number that is set on a loop. If someone has any ideas, please let me know.
jetbj have been calling our number several times a day and night.I will report them to the FTC
They keep calling and dont leave a message!
This "JETBJ" caller is driving me crazy!  I've been receiving calls from them for probably a month - EVERY DAY.  Usually once in the afternoon, and then they call several more times at about 8pm, 9pm, and 10pm Monday-Friday; never on the weekends.When I answer the phone, I never get any response from the caller.  Just a hangup.  However, tonight I answered, and someone someone actually spoke several non-english words to me, and then hung up again.  They called back 20 minutes later, and I screamed at them "WHY DO YOU KEEP CALLING HERE!" and heard a laugh, then a hangup.Seriously...  *angry face*        *shotgun*
Yes my GOD! stop the insanity already. As of last week I found this posting to see if anyone else was getting calls. They call anytime, every day, and we just pick it up and hang it up. The earliest calls are around 6AM up to 9:50PM. They started calling about 2 weeks ago, last sat they called 15 times no message no nothing, and since then they call about 5 times or more each day, we lost count really.
Again after calling them 2 times to remove my number form their list they called again ....after hours.  Tried to leave a message but their mailbox is FULL.  Gee ............What a coincidence.What or who can I call  to report them for harrassment????thank you...........
All I have to say is that I am a single mother of three and when this moron calls at their concenience they loose. They call all day long while I'm at work, they call in the evening when I'm doing homework with my kids and they call on the weekends when I'm tryin to relax! NOT A WAY TO GET BUSINESS!
been getn calls for over a week now we have calld um back sevreal times a few times talkd to a person and have askd them to put us on the "do not call list". this morning alone in the past 2 hrs they have called 3 times. for real isnt there legal action we can tak to get um to stop
These people call about food coupns.  Even had a 3rd party conference today to ask them again to quit calling.  Called them yesturday also but they keep calling !!!!!
They call on my cell I have limited do they get ur cell?  I hate these kind of calls..How can u stop them...
This number shows up on my phone several times every day.
My number is suppose to be private... yet they got the #?? Constant calls at all times of the day and evening. When I have answered no one bothers to say anything. To me this is harassment!! Get a hint and stop calling!
Yes this Guy or what ever it is keeps calling our house and my mom gets mad at me because she thinks i put our number online and now people r bothering !!!
JETBJ calls us too. They never answer, but still call all the time!! Who are they and how do you get them to stop!!
I will not answer and they even have directory assistance trying to get me to answer.  I pick up the phone and hang up or don't doesn't bother me let the fools continue.  I don't want anything they have to "sell" "give-away" or "talk about".  If calling a number over 12 times in one day without getting anywhere doesn't make them stop nothing will.  Fools do this   I don't understand directory assistance getting involved don't they know about these crank outfits?
Mercury News. They called a couple of days ago and I told them I was not interested. They called me again just now.

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