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Me and my friend have been receiving threatening calls from the boldest harassers ever.  They are leaving messages on our cell phones for us to return theri calls at the following numbers: 409-221-3206 X5018, 972-332-2195, and 631-995-3211.  We are thinking about changing our cell numbers because we do not know how to make these people go away!!!!  Thank you for mentioning the threat to contact the BBB and FTC.  We will try that next time they call.  Good luck everyone.  Please get the word out to all your friends and family to not be dupped by these SOBs!!!  Thank goodness I mentioned these calls to a friend at work.  Her husband had received the same type of calls from a 301 area code and told us these people were not legit.  P.S. The 409 lady was nice and very convincing...beware!!
I got in touch with the FBI, the Federal Trade Commissioner and the BBB in Beaumont Tx. Do not verify any information with them.  They are a hoax. They were calling me daily, calling my job and relatives, the last call I told them they were on a recorded line and I gave my attorneys phone number which was the FBI's phone number. I have not gotten anymore calls.
I have also been getting these calls , they have been harrassing me and calling me at work also, using the name John Smith, but are different people calling with same Middle eastern accent. I have also notified the police where I live and they also said it was a scam they are either from California or Tx areas, this person also said they would be coming to my house to take me jailed.....yeah right!   Pleasedo not give them any information or money!!!!
Called and said that I owed money on a payday loan but wouldn't say what company I owed the debt. I reported this call to the local police.
My sister called and said she got a call for me from the National Crime Center and they were looking for me about a loan I got. .They threatened her and said she could be charged as an accessory. I called they answered Natinal Crime Center, he started out talkn regular and the more questions I asked his accent got stronger.  He wanted me to pay them money today to avoid paying 8,000. I told them they were crooks. I hung up, they called back in the early evening saying was I sure that I wanted to be prosecuted, i said yes. they are crucks! Im concerned that they have all my of my personal info.
A man with a middle eastern accent call my cell stating that he had a client that was persueing a lawsuit from an internet loan company if I didn't pay him $775.00 U.S. Dollars.  He gave me a time line of only 30 minutes to get information to him because I said I was going to the bank to investigate this on my own.  He said he was from National Criminal Investigation Service.  He used the name Officer Jeffery Scott.
I just checked my messages. On my voicemail the middle eastern accent was really aggressive...he said " he is calling from NATIONAL CRIME CENTER my number was from a friend  if I dont contact him It will be an federal Investigation against me, and something about his girl friend". I really didnt understand due to his strong accent, but im for certain I heard what I quoted His story didnt add up. So I will further investigate.I googled this number and this is what  came up...SO ladies, it seems they are only contacting women. I believe that it is mexicans linked to this scam because lots of mexicans reside there...thats why we hear an middle eastern accent. Some reason I no they have some info on us because he knew my full Name. I will report this to texas Federal Police. DONT GIVE OUT ANY INFORMATION.... IF POSSIBLE RECORD ALL CONVERSATIONS OR LET VOICEMAIL PICK UP..this is our proof ladies. Also be careful wit signing up for things on the internet that includes email address, personal info E.T.C.. do not open supicious emails delete them right away, because they can cause virus and hack your computer. Contact Texas Federal police, Better Buss.Bereau and make Reports. I will post #'s Monday..STAY SAFE ladies!!!!!!
just a call from a "tim marshall" with a thick accent - could barely understand himmy niece put my name as a reference on something years ago and they are saying she owes money and they are going to come after us - she owes $1500i just googled the number and got this informationnot sure who to report them to
Have had several voicemail from these people thretening a lawsuit. they also called my job. I contacted them back and they claim I took out a loan in 2006 from a payday loan place for 300.00. They say the lawsuit was now for 15, 000. They say the money (300) was directly deposited into my account in 2006. I didn't have the account they claimed I used in 2006...That account was not opened until 2008. And they had an address for me that I also didn't live at until 2009. I asked if they were registered with the better business bureau and they told me they were a hidden company and then asked if I had ever saw the movie Men in Black. On a later call, they gave me the number K2885SD725. BBB says they issue no such numbers.I spoke with the Better Business Bureau in Beaumont, Texas where they said they were located and was told they have never heard of them, and the phone number - 409-221-3206 - is a cell phone out of Orange, Texas. The woman from the better business burea said she was going to do a deeper search and call me back if she finds anything. This is no doubt a scam, but they have my name, social security number, and my bank account number. I don't know how they got this information and it worries me. I work for a county based 911 service and when they call my job they are calling a 911 Communications center. No doubt these harrassing calls can interrupt the 911 system blocking legitimate calls from getting through. Each time they call, they use different names, although it sounds like the same guy- very thick accent and becomes rude very quickly. Stanley Brandon, Ryan Smith, Brian Smith, etc... Say they have a case file, and they quote a number. I don't believe it for a second, but how do we stop this?
I received a call from this "organization" this morning.  Couldn't understand a word the guy said, when I asked them who they are, caller became agitated.  Hung up on the guy, they called back right away mumbling, so I told them I'd be calling the authorities if they called again.  Best thing to do is notify the states attorney general, they can put a stop to these kind of scams.  This caller had a thick middle eastern accent also. No information whatsoever in BBB files on "national crime center".
these guys are a scam and they are trying to get money for nithing and chicks for free!!!the guys name was check this Don Johnson, i'm waithing for ozzy to call me next.
What did  you all do with the call...I just got a phone call as well on my work number from this same person stating that a lawsuit was being filed.  Did you contact anyone in particular?
these people keep calling me supposedly from orange texas they talk in middle eastern tongue and the names are leroy jackson and alan mcdonald
They Call me and ask if i knew someone they called me three times and then i got a hold of my brother in law and told him to call them it was about a loan they had out they called me back and i called my sheriff department and police department and told them
I keep getting calls from this company claiming they are the national crime center, when I tried to ask why they were calling the rep told me to shut up and give him my personal information.  I tried to look up this number but it states it is a cell phone number in Orange Tx.  The person I spoke with had a very thick middle eastern accent.
Person with a very thick middle eastern accent left a message today saying he was from National Crime Center. Says they have a legal lawsuit against my name and social security number. This was time sensitive and I need to call back if I want to avoid court time. This is the third call that I've received, all from middle eastern men but at different locations ( I've done reverse check on the phone numbers). I'm assuming this is all a hoax since others are receiving them. But I am gettig very nervous and afraid because they keep calling and I don't know what other information they have about me. I have children and I am afraid for them.

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