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Special Agent with DEA Bill Taylor says confiscated package with spouses name on it-ironic because spouse died over two years ago. Gave a return phone number of 410-888-8870 Called 410-888-7780 and "Joe Cambell" "special agent" answered the phone would not give address or official name of organizaton and when I kept asking for his address he said "awe forget it mam." I did not give my name and I blocked my phone number.
Suck my dick you scamming, hustling mother f***ers!
i had this scam from or I ordered phen from and these fraud pills turned up then the foreginers sold my details. they said it was real phentermine and all i got were these fakes that make my heart hurt, side effects galore from these fake scammy pills that are sold by indian call centers now they call me every week to offer adipex diazepam etc etc.... be aware they will steal you money all thieves selling crappy fakes
everyone needs to call this guy up and tell him that the person you did the scam to is now dead so honey your up for murder charges, that should make things calm down but the FBI is building a case it may take a while DONT SEND ANY MONEY........
I got called this morning,same line but said he had my signiture on fed-ex deliveries. I told him in this country if you break laws, especialy SMUGGLING, the phone call you get is yours to make, after they come to your house and arrest you! he said ok I'll send someone over and I went back to sleep. When I woke up I called the number back and heard message the D.E.A. I was a bit worried to say the least. After some snooping around I found this site. THANK YOU!!!!
I also received the message to return Lt. Rice's call and did so. Same story as everyone else. My fine which "he recommended I not pay, but would make everything go away" was $850. Don't know why I was getting such a bargain...I worried about it for 2 days before I found this site. What an a**. I really feel sorry for people that actually paid the "fine". I will call real DEA office Monday morning to add my story to the list, but first I plan to call him back and let him know I'm coming to court. Just want to see how far he'll go. I would like to call the police or somehow get this message out, but I'm kind of embarrassed that I let him scare me at all.
I think we all should call this a-holes and let him know the gig is up.I have called him since and told him to stop scamming people.Never received a return call but I did not expect one.They are like a virus,once exposed,we know how to treat them and stop the disease that they are spredding.We need to get the word out and also report these lowlifes to the authorities so maybe we can get some retrobutions for their illeagal actios.Just remember,these people have really scared others just to make some bucks.These people need to be punished and pay back what they have stolen!
I received phone call Monday morn. @ 9:55 on Feb. 1, 2010.  Same guy, Lieutenant William Rice.  Said MY FINE was $2500.00, Court date Feb. 9, 2010 in Baltimore, and if I didn't have an attorney, to get one, otherwise I was looking at a possible year in prison.  Said he had confiscated some drugs coming in from overseas and that I was in REAL trouble because this was VERY SERIOUS.  I called my state DEA office (Washington) and was told that DEA does not have anyone employed with the title of "Lieutenant".  What a SCAM!  Had scared me half to death, initially.  Luckily, I also googled his phone number, and found this lovely website.  Also my state DEA gave me the real number for the DEA office in Baltimore, MD :  412 962-4800.  When calling the 410 929-8358, you get a recording, stating all the officers are busy at the present time, and to leave your phone number and one of them will call back a.s.a.p.  I also called the FBI office in Baltimore and reported this F#%$@&* Fraud (Impostor)!!!
Same story,same Lt Willy Rice,same place to send money(Dom.Rep),and I fell for this garbage!! After I sent the "fine",I called a different number to give the thief the conf. number so he could claim his prize.Thats when I knew I was being scammed.He said that I must send him another $1100.00 but use pesos instead of dollars.I lost it and called our ole friend Willy and let him know what he could do with himself.Do not fall for this scam and let others know what these scumbags are doing.
Got the call on December 28th.. Same story! Reported to local authorities that were able to confirm with Baltimore DEA and NC DEA that this is a scam.  They have taken my info and will keep it on file in the event he calls back.
Got the same call today from Office Rice, said I could send $900.00 today, his price is going up or I would go to jail.  I intend to call the real DEA in Baltimore and report the call.His call is fishy and makes bold statements about going to jail to scare you unless you send the money today.
SAME exact thing but this man called me and accused my mother, who is 78, of having medication confiscated in Baltimore, Maryland.  Same deal, Lt. William Rice.
Well, it looks like he's gotten down to the "k"s. I am waiting for a return call from MR.Rosati. I like the idea that someone put out,of asking for address & date so I can appear in court. They claim he never called back. Now that's the result I want! I have tried for years to get them to stop calling me. I have tried blocking these calls & have found that they couldn't be blocked because they are cell phones. I haven't tried this one yet.
I just received a call from this same guy today-- got me very scared until i had a friend of mine call and pretend that he was my lawyer-- no call back as of yet- He told me i needed to send $850 to make it go away.  It's all a scam.  Planning on calling the REAL DEA tomorrow.
Okay, I got this same call. Number 410-929-8358. Has anyone heard back about this?  This just seemed way too shady.
I would recommend calling the Baltimore DEA.  I did and they were very helpful.  410-244-3500.  This guy is a scam.
I received the same call too. Got a voice message yesterday,saying I had to contact DEA ASAP or there would be warrent issued for my arrest.I Called Lt. William Rice, DEA in Baltimore, Maryland (Phone number 410-929-8357) Said they confiscated my package of phentermine. Informed me all calls were recorded, Options: pay $850.00 fine. or get attorney  for trial, DA had proof I was guilty sentence was mandantory 36mo. plea bargin may drop to 240mo. Asked how fine worked, "must pay today. Send money order to Randy Olito 5900 Washington ave. Suite 207 moca, Dominicon Republic 00809." say  He is a great said paperwork would be sent certified mail once he got conf# from money order that needed be sent to Randy Olito 5900 Washington ave. Suite 207 moca, Dominicon Republic 00809
Said he was with the DEA and a package in my name had been confiscated and I could either go to Baltimore to Federal Court or pay a fine of $850.  Even though I didn't know what he was referring to, those were my only options.    He is supposed to contact me again tomorrow morning before he goes to court.  What do I make of this?
This is one of several numbers from Allied Data Corporation.  They are debt collectors, who buy unpaid debts at a highly-discounted rate (pennies on the dollar), then pester, trying to collect as much as they can, or anything they can.  They buy hundreds or thousands of pretty-much "uncollectable" debts, then violate federal law trying to collect them.Bu uncollectable, I mean these debts are generally so small that it would not pay to take them to court, the person who owes is incapable of paying and probably will stay that way, or something like that.They are persistent.  They use several phone numbers, but they are all in Texas.  They only call during waking hours.  They frequently leave a generic message saying "a decision will be made without you unless you call by noon on Monday."I think they gave up on me.  It's a $115. unpaid water  bill from over five years ago.  I lost the house and my 70K cash.  The bill came in late and I was done paying.
I have received 3 calls, but never answered.  Looking at the other posts, if it is Staples, it makes sense as I buy from them for my company.  I have no problems with Staples, have been happy with their service and will gladly participate in their survey.  I fail to understand how some people who apparently have dealt with Staples feel threatened or put upon to give feedback.  Whether they have had a positive or negative experience, they should take the opportunity to voice their pleasure or pain.  How do you expect a company to better understand the feelings and needs of their customer?  Oh yes, maybe you are the ones who figures everyone should be able to read your mind without any effort on your part.  Get real!

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