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Just a note that colleges and universities also use this system to notify students, faculty, and staff of emergency closings due to weather, etc.
Called me 5 times in a row like 2 minutes apart. I thought the number looked so strange that I would not answer it.
I received a call like this last week. There was no information from the school prior to this that they would be using this number to call from. When I received the call, I assumed it was a scam, and not the fact that school was closing early due to bad weather. A notice sent home with my daughter to let me know to watch for this number on my cell phone would have made me pick up the call. A good thing for my daughter that her older brothers were already home to look after her.
Msg for parents and students of millard public schools. All activities canceled tonight due to nat weather service warning. That was the voice mail left on my phone in omaha nebraska.
Just got it From Millard Public Schools and Omaha, Public Schools in Omaha Nebraska. We have a big Storm coming I guess. The message said that all evening activities are being cancelled due to the NWS warnings for our area.
I just got this call and first they called my house than called my cell 2 times. But there was no message left. Does anyone know who this is 411-000-0000
This is a service that our school uses to notify us of emergencies, early dismissal, etc.  It is more efficient than having to call each of the thousands of families district wide.  I would assume the 2 calls - 1 to house and 1 to cell is because you registered both with the caller.
My daycare used this number to call and let us know that they'd be closing tomorrow because of Hurricane Ike and that they wanted us to pick up our daughter early. Glad I answered.
I just got this call on my cell number. Since I didnt recognize it I hit ignore to forward it voicemail. However, the only message that was left was quiet line noise for less than five seconds.
How do you get off this call list I have no kids
I looked up the number on google to see if it was like a virus call or something but thank god now i know it's not. I've gotten a call from the number 4 times in the last 20 minutes
The other day I recieved a call from this number. It was the college I attend alerting me to a lockdown. Considering that the only other communication was through email, this was a much faster way to let us know. Especially since no one was currently checking their emails. I was in class and received the call. Luckily this was only a drill testing the system, but if it had been a real lockdown, this system could have saved our lives. I hink it is a great system!
This number called our house and then cell phone at 5:13 in the morning and freaked me the hell out! Naturally I assumed the only reason anyone could be calling in the middle of the night was if it was some kind of emergency. What happened to waking up in the morning and watching the local news to find out about school closings/delays? This number is a seriously bad idea.
these calls are coming from an automated school district call center the superintendents name is ms. conway but im cant make out the school district name when she says it, funny thing is i dont have any kids!  can anyone help?
Local schools use this service to broadcast announcements about emergencies, school closings, early dismissals, etc.  The point of using this service is that the outgoing message can be recorded once and sent out to multiple numbers simultaneously, rather than having school staff dial several hundred numbers and have to play the announcement each time.  The 411-000-0000 number will be the same where ever you live in the US (national service).Listen to the message since it may require you to pick up your kids or make other arrangements.  More information can be found at
I got this call on my cell phone at 5:50 in the morning. I wasn't able to answer it in time to see who it was. They didn't leave a message.
Just got this call on cell phone and minutes later on the home phone.  Not sure who it is.
Got a call 3 times from 411-000-0000 phone number on my cell phone.  I didn't answer it.  What is this number?
This call came into my work phone and the immediately after on my cell phone.  I didnt answer either call and no message was left.  Does anyone know who or what this is>

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