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I recieved a call from a "Mr. James" with a heavy middle eastern accent.  He said I defaulted on an internet/government loan for $250 and if I didn't settle with them immediately I would be in severe legal trouble resulting in thousands of dollars in fines and penalties.  When I told him to send me documentation of the loan he got billigerant and said he was not required to send any correspondence as they had documentation they sent it to my e-mail address.  He had no information on me and also asked for my social security number.  When I refused he again began to strong arm me for my cc information.  I told him I would take care of any outstanding debt when I am provided with written documentation that the debt is valid.  He informed me to secure an attorney and give my attorney the phone number and he would fax them the affidavit.  It's all BS and nothing but a scam.  These are the two numbers I have connected to this call:415-880-5599347-602-4543
This number called me today and the person told me I had taken out a payday loan from a company called Cash Net in December 2007.  The original loan was for $350.00 but now owed $694.00.  The person with a heavy accent stated that either I paid up or legal action would be taken against me.  I never took out a payday loan from this company.  They identified their company as NWV and I was to send payment via Western Union.  I am so glad, after coming upon this website to learn that they are nothing but Scammers.  It sounds like the call is coming from a room full of people.  Don't be taken in by these people.
Called and said he was an office from an investigation bureau. He was a foreiner and talked broken english a real wacko. he left a number for the party he was calling to return his call. oh sure maybe he will get a call back don't hold your breath officer.
Hello,I'm french and this number +1(415)880-5599 called me three time this evening. He does'nt send a message. Who are this guy?Thanks
Supposedly a guy named David Williams - claims to be from your pharmacy and tries to put in an order for a refill on prescriptions.  He caught me at a time when I was in the process of ordering a LEGITIMATE refill and because I was already dealing with my REAL pharmacy, I made the stupid mistake to believe he wa in fact from my usual supplier.  He managed to rip me off for $300.  When I realized my mistake, I called many times to inquire and started getting many harrassing calls from MANY other phone numbers all associated with this ring of fraudulant criminals.  There are at least 3 male voices and one female voice that all seem to be connected.  One voice "Joe Florez" called from 201-203-8280 to place the order, and informed me somebody would call to give me to take arrange payment and give me tracking number.  Then "David Williams" called from 305-728-4671 to finalize the transaction.  He explained that they were unable to take credit cards at that time so they set up a system to have a wire transfer which would "save on taxes and protect privacy"... this should have been my big red flag, but I still thought my payment would be secure and safe (it was not).  They then called repeatedly, badgering me to make the payment because they claimed the package had already been sent and was sitting in limbo waiting to be delivered but they wouldn't be able to release it until payment was made.  So, I paid, and waited but nothing came.  This is when things got REALLY crazy....I started receiving harrassing phone calls from a woman claiming to be from the FDA named "Elizabeth Moore, badge number 21773" from phone number 301-637-6292 saying that I (of all people) have committed a crime (HA!  I knew better -- wasn't buying THAT story at all!).  She attempted to threaten me claiming that my package had been seized (I suppose that they try to use this scare tactic to get people to get off their back when they take your money and run).  Obviously, I knew this call was B.S.  I knew I had done nothing wrong and was a victim, not a criminal... anyway, I traced the number back to a woman named Rosemarie Davis at a land line in Hagerstown Maryland.  She then put somebody on the phone who started screaming at me (as if FDA people would be so unprofessional).  I hung up partly because I was on another call and had to get back to it, and partly becauses I do not listen to ANYONE who behaves so irrationally.  I rec'd another call... this time he was calm but tried to convince me I was going to be arrested.  Again, I knew this was B.S. but I let him talk so he could keep incriminating himself.  I laughed him off and told him he was crazy.  I got yet another call... this time same person from another number 443-977-6402 -- now he claimed that he wa calling from the DEA.  Now this person is claiming that "David Williams" had been arrested and was in custody, and was trying to somehow implicate ME for being a drug dealer!  Seriously, could this POSSIBLY get any more ridiculous?  This whole process was becomming amusing to some degree because I couldn't believe the lengths of madness these nutjobs were going to.  I just let them continue to lie, letting them implicate themselves with more flase stories, and collected all their information to hand over to authorities.  As if running this fraudulant operation wasn't bad enough, they went even further to impersonate officers and federal officials on top of it.  WOW!   I have since received my legitimate order from my real pharmacist using my prescription, but during the interrim, these guys took me for an extra sum of money. I got scammed when I unknowingly gave my info to the wrong person over the phone.  My mistake.  I should have known better.  I will take the financial loss as a learning lesson, but I will not allow these criminals to go to such extremes to threaten me, harrass me, and even go so far as attempto to impersonate offers and federal officials in the process.  I am now in the process of getting attorneys and authorities involved.  I don't care about the money as much as the principal of what these guys are doing.  They must be stopped.  He is engaged in fraudulant activity and due to the obscene amounts of phone calls he has made to me, I have reported him to the authorities.  He is under investigation for fraud.Here are all the numbers I've received calls from that are connected to this crime ring:  415-880-5599 305-728-4671829-696-7010415-880-5599931-442-3253443-977-6402904-435-4298201-203-8280301-637-6292Oh, one more important detail... I believe their names are Daniel and Marcos Rodriguez.  They wanted money to be wired to either of those names in San Fran and St. Louis...
Sure, it is normal... for a scam. Actual talent agencies don't ask for money upfront. If they -truly- believe in your potential, they will take the money out of your earnings.If you send them the money, Theo, you will never see it again.Customers of services don't go on sites like this to post reviews. The people who are claiming to be so satisfied are paid public relations shills.Still, I'm just one person. So read what others, others who -haven't- been paid to speak about it, have to say.
Cec are you for real?  Anyone knows that there is no affiliations with Unions or SAGG.I have done 2 MTV shows with HNE.  Have you even done any looking into this?  That youtube video has nothing to do with Reality TV. Modelling and actings are so different, polar opposites.All of those posts are people comparing Reality TV to modelling and or acting.  I bet you have never even been on a Reality TV Show.
SAG and AFTRA have nothing to do with "Reality TV".  SAG and AFTRA only apply to the acting industry which is overseen by the Actors Guild.  I really would not be able to comment on modelling since I have never be a part of that world.  All those links that were posted above have absolutely nothing to do with HNE or the industry itself.  Its funny that you claim to be bashing any positive links.  Are you yourself from another agency trying to bash HNE? The whole point of these forums are to discuss and make people aware.  You don't post or state what you do not know.  To post links to material that has no relevance to this cause is misleading.  Americas Got Talent has an AD right on their website.  It links you directly to the networks main page.  They also promote a ton of various shows.  My legal backgroud would tell me that hte BILLION DOLLAR industry that is Reality TV would sue the pants of HNE if they were not doing proper, honest business.  In this day of age you cannot run a sucessful business in the industry for longer than a few months before you get shut down.  Networks have people who search the internet to get rid of people with unauthorized use of their respected logos and pictures.  They took down shows on Youtube even, superbowls are not allowed to be replayed online, along with a whole buch of other programming.  The networks take every avenue necessary to prevent this from happening.Look at the facts.  Do some real research with some real information.  At the end of the day its your call.
u r talkin' alot of smack wif no bakup....posten sum shizz about sumting diferntgo hate sum place else, you probb sum ugly girl who never made it
to spend some money to get your face out there is no big deal.  have you ever been on any tv shows?  I have.  I have spent thousands on photos and networking.  You have to spend money to make money.HNE manages me, they do good work.  Its worth it to be with HNE, I get tons of castings.
Y'know, shills, random customers don't generally post gushing reviews of companies on sites like this.
well Cec, I am a customer of HNE.  I am tired of seeing all you losers post bad stuff about HNE.  We have all rounded together and will encourage new clients to post here.
greg has called me to do extreme make over and wants the 288 i have seen so many things saying he is a scam how do i really know
Hey Theo...from what i have seen HNE is real..they need you to pay for some talent cards, thats normal from anyone seeking representation in "reality tv".  I do acting, and a little modelling on the side.  I can tell you from my sources throughout producers, HNE is the real deal.  They have been around for several years, and have a good record.  Don't listen to any of these fools.  I bet you most of them have no idea what a great opportunity they have had.  Also these reviews just seemed to start a little over 1 year ago.Anyways let us know how it turns out.  Good luck
I got a several calls from Jack Diamond and he eagerly wants me to send in 288.75 dollars ... he talks real fast also and he says that his time is precious. If Im what they are looking for the why dont they pay the expenses ???
I have been with HNE for 2 years now.  Mr. Sobolewski manages me and has helped me claw my way onto a few shows.  I haven't found my spot in the industry yet.  But I am confident my time will come.  2 thumbs up!!
great people to work with. direct and to the point.  #1 in Reality TV got me on Moment of Truth.  I took home $250K
I have done a ton of research and have decided to go with HNE.  I read all this stuff good and bad.  I dug a little deeper and found that they are legit and a well credited agency.  HNE is number one with Reality TV.  I am in the 2nd last round for big brother, lets hope this works out!
same as any other agency,,you pay them a percentage of your winnings,,good deal for comps...
WOW PPL!! I went and saw HNE Castings in California, whoever says its not real has not done any research.  I am going with HNE to represent me.

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