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Person calls does not answer and hangs up. When you return the calls the box is full. Creeps
I just filed a complaint with the DNCL as well -- I'm getting tired of all the calls -- I understand that most of them are just hard-working individuals trying to earn a living, but if I have to follow the rules and not phone solicit, then SO SHOULD THEY! ... What's the point of the Do-Not-Call List if no one pays any attention to it? It's our hard earned tax dollars that are paying for it, and NO ONE is getting charged, yet I get at least a dozen telemarketing calls a week and I have been on the list since day one -- I have finally given up and started filing complaints. Maybe if enough people took the 2 or 3 minutes to file a complaint, we might actually get some results!
416-431-8827 is: Beefeater Food Provisioners. They have violated the CRTC Unsolicited Telecommunications Rule. I have filed a complaint with CTRC via this website: suggest anyone else that receives a call from this number consider doing the same. It's a bit of a lengthy process but worth it in my opinion. More details:A female called from 416-431-8827. She asked if she was speaking to...and had my name. I asked who was calling and she provided this company name: Beefeater Food ProvisionersI asked her if she was familiar with the DNCL. She said, "Yes, is your number on it?"A subsequent web search discovered this address/info:885 Progress Avenue, Suite 318Scarborough, OntarioCanada M1H 3G3Phone: (416) 438-1108Fax: (416) 438-5886Email:
they called under 416-439-5688 at 6:48 pm and a male telemarketer tried to sell home delivered groceries.. No thanks worked then fine and he hung up.  then at 8:25 pm, 416-431-8827 called and nothing on the line at all.
Well, I got the same crowd. They sited the same 5 gifts. They are located supposedly at 6175 HW 7 Woodbridge. I spoke to a Daniel at 1-289-475-5454 x2424; cell: 416-548-5984. He specifically said that I will 'leave with 1 of the 5 gifts' and that this was 'no timeshare'. Thanks folks for posting. You just confirmed my suspicions.
I received a call from Ontario Sources centre on Jun 16, told me I filled out a ballot and I just have to pick one of the five prizes.  I questioned him as to where/what named the ballot was filled out for, he passed me on to Daniel his manager, who assured me that this was not a scam, and all I have to do is show up and collect my prize.  I told him to mail it to me.  Already speaking very little english he was shocked and could not find a quick response.  I told him that I didn't own a car and he should courier the prize to me, I'll even pay the shipping costs.  Daniel hung up on me
Just got a call from these people. The caller had a french Canadian accent. I searched the address as I waiting for the "manager"... sure enough..a scam. They told me I entered a contest and I was eligible to receive one of five prizes. 1. $1500 cash,  2. Furniture from Bad Boy,  3. Seven day Alaskan trip, 4. 42" Toshiba LCD TV, and finally the fifth prize 3 days 2 nights in Orlando, Las Vegas and I forget the others.The address I was given to pick my prize with no obligation is 6175 HWY # 7 Woodbridge Ont L4H 0P6. I didn't wait to speak to the "manager" to get my special code for the prizes and hung up. No protection from this kind of stuff from the Do not call list.
Yep just got the call and of course went to search online the company, Ontario Source International....6175 Hwy 7 Woodbridge Unit 6 (416) 548-5984 ext125.  Figured they are a scam but they said they were not.  Anytime one is asked to sit thorugh a 60-90 min presentation, you have to wonder.  The Manager I spoke with was Max...they all had heavy accents likely a call centre in India.  Good that this site was posted so I can confirm it in fact is a scam.
I got a call from this number- consistent with all the other comments. The man identified himself as Alex definitely indicated it was not timeshare, and insisted that all I had to do was listen to a presentation about their company, and there was nothing to buy, and it was just PR. Having read the comments here, I immediately cancelled my appointment.. Thanks for the info everyone!!
They called me 3 times, each time under the pretense of asking me to come to a designated location, at a specific time to draw one of 5 prizes . The location stipulated was 6175 Hwy 7, unit 6, Woodbridge Ontario. I hung the phone up on the last call, then called the number below back. I eventually got the name of the Manager whose name is apparenty Gates; I suppose the first name is Bill. I spoke with a few irate agents, whose first names were Andrew, James, and William. Not surprisingly, all the English names were associated with individuals with heavy foreign accents. 416-548-5984
yip, me too--got a call to say I won 1 of 5 prizes from a ballet at x-mas time.  They called themselves Ontario Centre, and said it was not time share.  Phone # was 289-475-5455; and meeting place as same--at 6175 Hwy 7 West, Unit #6.  This manager was Shawn...and spoke broken English.
Well these are telemarketers trying to sell you timeshare.  You will not be going home with nay prizes whatsoever but will be subjected with high pressure sales tactics to get you to sign on the dotted line for a timeshare. For me it was 289-475-5451 Michael Churminsky Ext6060Meeting was for 6175 Hwy 7 Unit 6  Woodbridge  L4X0P6 Called themselves Ontario International  (Andy Jackson is the name used when asked)
I just received a call from them. They asked me for my name and address, which i gave them since they are able to get it from anyway. The presentation address is 6175 hwy 7 unit 6. Agent name is Ronin. Company: f-sourcePhone numner: 416 548 - 5984 x121
#1 The 1st idiot I spoke to had such an accent that I could barely make out what he was saying.#2 The Idiot Manager was rude and could not give me an explanation as to why we could not bring the children and he came up with some crap that a lady once brought 8 children over and they destroid the office#3 when I asked if it was a presentation, he did not really answer.I let him book an appointment but I will not go, of course. It's a party only, but you may not bring your children.The number 416-548-5984 x 121
The same thing happened to me on May 17th, 201. They called me from 905-158-1515 and told me about those 5 prizes , plus asked to bring my husband with me. Then they gave the following details: meeting place - 6175 Hwy 7 west, unit 6, Woodbridge, ON, L4H 4P6 and a contact number of their manager - 416-548-5984 (ex.110) (his name is Alex).Please beware of the scam.
I received a call from this company saying they were FSource and I won 1 of 5 prizes, wouldn't take no for an answer that I didn't fill out any ballots, and that I just never do this, they went on to tell me that I must have how else would they get this information and I was to come down to 1510 Drew Road in Mississauga Ontario and bring my husband, and I said to him this is timesharring...he said to me NO its not time sharing at all madam just come down and claim your prize and they gave me this phone # 4165485984 a Joe Valentino x 1212 to call them back. These people are scammers and have to stop calling and bothering people, or be honest at least who they are.
I get calls from this number and when I answer no one responds. Now I just keep calling them back over and over again just to piss them off. No one answers of course but hopefully it's at least annoying to them.

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