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Reverse Phone Check:

I didn't get a phone call. I got a text message saying:Thank You,Please call 866-737-7511 for the Wal-Mart and Visa Gift Card.Gift code 1711Re Stop to DNCother texts are not ours.
Calls all the time. Does not leave any message.
Suggest reporting to FCC @!createConsumer.action
It's not a scam, I applied for a position with Siemens Canada and the recruiter from this US based phone number called me back to schedule a phone interview.  They do the prescreening interview for large companies before you actually can get a face to face interview with the actual company.
it's a scam don't bother calling it back
Recruiter from bankers life in Las Vegas.
Has anyone actually been hired after receiving a call from who ever this is calling?
I got a phone call about a job with Conseco Insurance in the Syracuse, NY area from this number.  They got my number from my resume on CareerBuilder.
I got a scheduled phone interview from this number for Hallmark for a part time job servicing the card department at Walmart
This came up when I participated in a previously-scheduled "screening" interview for a position with Harvard University. I was curious about who was calling because it's not a local (Boston) area code. The company is "HR Services, Inc." and they provide applicant tracking services to (typically large) employers. See their website at for more information.
I got a comment  and the guy i really could not understant so i hing up
An expected phone call from a recruiter for CVS.  Caller ID said Findlay, OH.
I recieved a call from this number for a phone job interview for The Hallmarkcompany to service cards in the local Wal-Mart store! I was also sent e-mails and a third phone interview requesing personal information such as a ssn number ms. miss or mrs also a emergency contact number a little suspicious but it was ok!
They called me... its an outsourced head hunter company. Naturally a 3rd party who calls candidates, screens them and forwards them as qualified to the recruiter/HR at the company who is doing the actual hiring. This number 419-581-2976 is a land line which is pretty pathetic because it uses one phisycal line to dial to the outside from a small pbx. With technology as advanced as it is these days they should use at least a T1 or VoIP...much more cost effective. any ways. Have a nice life everyone.
My caller ID also said Findlay, OH.I just did a phone interview for a job with Advanced Technology services.I agree it must be some sort of outsourced job screening.  The person didn't seem to know much specifics about the job and seemed to be just going through a script.  When I started to ask questions he read his closing statement and ended the call.  It was all pretty "cold" compared to other phone interviews.
i got a call from  job recruter, but thats just call out #
I just got a call from Astrazeneca from this number.
I received several calls asking if I want to interview for GE, MedImmune, etc.I guess the next wave of outsourcing is the hiring proces..."Findlay, OH" was on my caller ID
This was for a phone interview for a job with Pepsi Co. It is some sort of company that conducts the interviews for Pepsi to determine if you're eligible to go to the next step of the interviewing process.
I got a call from a head-hunter from CVS Pharmacy

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