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Please Stop this charges today. 7/19/10
Got billed for 9.99 on my 12 year old's phone. I couldn't figure out how there could even be a mobile weather alert service that could charge this month considering there are free ones and apps such as Weather Bug that charge a one-time fee of $1.99 or so. What a scam!
Same thing, got an unsolicited text from 43355 with a passcode in it and no other contact info, no phone number, no website, nothing. Sent 'stop' to it, but the message wasn't clear that I was opted out.  I called ATT Wireless, they have a free service called 'purchaseblocker' that makes it so any purchase on your phone requires a pin that they give you, so no one else can do what these scammers are doing.
i keep getting a message even thought i send stop and opt out.
I called 1-866-395-2310 and talked to a person that said they would cancel the messages to my phone.
I did not subscribe to this weather alert cancel it now and i want my money back you sonsa b***hes
Good newsI was promised a reimbursment check onlyfor the current month.I called 18663952310and gave my work adress not my home.The lady said I had signed up for this serviceon I then called my phone carrier (Att ) and had the charges reimbursedto me.this has been charging my acount9.99 since January.I hope this helps any questionstwiter glass_fire......I do believe this is a huge scam.
I would sure like for them to stop sending me texts . I am deaf and unemployed ; can't afford this crap !
I do not want to receive text messages from 43355.i did not request them and my cell is on the do not call list.Thanks.Please remove me
If anyone knows who this company is, please let me know.  A 9.99 charge appeared on my verizon bill for two months before I caught it.
Thank you, C. I have the $9.99 premium charge in my T-mobile bill and it come from nowhere. It is kind of piss me off. This thing needs to stop as soon as possible.
Scam website! Charges $10 a month without you knowing your even signing up!Of course no one answers their phone number either
Got a text message from 433-55 with a passcode for online access.  WTF?So I called Verizon.. turns out it is a premium Weather Alert Service that charges your account 9.99 / month .. How they got my number, I have no idea. Verizon put a block on my cell number and all the numbers associated with my account for "premium sms services".  This kind of crap is very tiresome. Makes me want to cancel all cell phones and internet services.  If you get this message from 433-55.. and you want to opt out  - text the word STOP in a reply. Good luck!
Received an unsolicited text message containing an number and password (43355 6207=password) Online Access.  Report it to your Service Provider immediately
Got a text message. Weather alerts2Ur Cell9.99 month

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