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Reverse Phone Check:

This is not from the American Diabetes Association,  This is a Spoof Call from the CRACK HEADS at Portfolio Recovery Associates.  Unlike the ADA these CRACK HEADS have nothing better to do than call and harass people.  Lead by the Head Crack Head Steven Fredrickson who never completed Kindergarden.
It is the American Diabetes Association.  As a previous comment said, you can call them back and you'll get a recording.  The recording will tell you that they've been trying to reach you, but at the end of their spiel they'll say that you can press 1 to remove yourself from the callers list.
Have received several calls from this number, all ending in hang ups before I could answer.  If it is the American Diabetes Assn. I think they have eliminated any chance of any contributions from me.  I hate this type of soliciting!
I just reported this number 434-878-9983 (ADA) to This is the national do not call registry.  Sidebar:  I thought ADA stood for American Dental Assistants Association; I am a dental assistant.  But I see other posts; American Diabetic Assoc, American Democrat Assoc.....I think they should be fined 100.00 dollars per call when they don't leave a message.  The callers are underpaid people racking up the calls in order to get a decent paycheck, since they are paid per the number of calls placed.  It is a horrible job.
calls every day during dinner
I have been receiving calls from ADA  for over a month now and they always hang up if I answer. I have about 20 or more calls from them. I wish someone would find out who they are and make them quit this scam or whatever it is.
We got about 3 calls a day for two weeks from this ADA, all different numbers.  My husband answered once and the person on the other end hung up. Then I answered another time and they asked for someone else. When I explained (yelled!) that they needed to stop called because it was so ridiculous, they hung up on me also.  It was definitly not the American Diabeties Association.  I wouldn't recommend calling back and having your number removed.  You don't know who you're calling back and giving your information to.
Caller ID says ADA. Second time in as many days. Second call was from a different number than the first. 1st number was (410) 202-0108 in Salisbury, MD. Second was this one, Brodnax, VA.No message left either time.
called several times in the last few days,never leave a message. caller id says message - then no callback.
Calls several times a day early in the morning, during the day and during dinner at night.  I do not answer as I do not answer calls from unknown numbers.  Caller ID says "ADA".
I've gotten two calls from this #...I didn't answer and no message left. It's a land line in Virginia
on my missed call list 2/3 times a day for the last week never left a message. I finally called and asked to be removed. This is not the actual ADA but a boiler room that keeps most of your money. Donate directly or not at all.
I called back; American Diabetes Association.  Recording; pressed 1 to remove from call list.  If they call again, will answer and tell them to remove.  they called at 8:40 in the morning and woke me up.
I wish these people (ADA - 434-878-9983) would stop calling me.  On today's date, I received 12 calls from them.  I have no idea who they are.  The first call came at 8:50 in the morning.  The last one was a few minutes ago at 7:45 pm.  I WANT THEM TO STOP.  THIS IS HARASSMENT.
I keep getting phone calls from this number. would like them to stop.........
I keep getting phone calls from this number. would like them to stop.........
don't know who it is?
I have received approx. 10 calls in the last 7 days from ADA.  The 10 calls are made up of 6 different phone #'s all listing on CID as ADA.I called back from a cell phone and got a pre-recorded msg. that it was the American Diabetes Assc. calling.
Didnt answer because I didnt recognize the number and the caller ID said ADA.The only thing I could think of was Assistant District Attorney but thats because I watch too much Law and Order.No message was left.
Called today, 07-27-2009, at 3:05 PM. I don't answer calls from numbers unfamiliar to me.

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