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Reverse Phone Check:

I had missed several calls from this number and finally answered one today.  It seemed very legitimate.  The caller was a male conducting a satisfaction survey re. a recent insurance claim and body work done on my car.  He accurately identified my insurance company and the local company that did the body repair.  He did not ask for any personal information other than to confirm my name.  He stated that the call may be recorded.  I was on the phone with him for a little less than 3 minutes.  He was courteous and professional throughout.  Like I said, I felt that the call was legitimate.
Multiple calls this last week, never a message.
In my case it was a legitimate call. I had a car fixed recently and it was a customer satisfaction survey. Dunno, could be a third party company hired by the body shop or the insurance company.  Perhaps that depends on who hires them them. Maybe that's why some (most?) people have had negative experience with them.
This number calls me once a week with my messages. Kinda weird, i never answer though.
Left my desk for a meeting. Came back 30 minutes later. Phone listed 2 missed calls from this number, but no messages. Didn't recognize the number so I googled it and found this page.
that number got me they ask personel questions like your full name on your drivers license and where you live and they wanted my birth date but i stopped there i said that is way to personel he said he wanted to know i was over 18. he said i will send you 5 dollars. i hung up after that that call was to personel for me. He said he was taken a survey that will take 5 min i have no idea what the survey was asking you all that personel questions i think he was a scam for sure how they get your number is beyone me.
I get calls from this # all the time. It very annoying !! I have reported these annoying calls to the DNC but is has not done any good !
Wanted to know about income taxes! (on April 16?) Told them is I was on do not call list, they said they didn't have a list! Weird....
This is some sort of scammer/telemarketer. I don't know what their game is exactly, but they appear to be trying to scam you and or try to steal your identity. Be careful and don't respond to them or give them any of your information.
They don't answer when I say "hello" I hang up
Like everyone else, I get calls from this #.  Even when I answer, there is never anyone there.
We are SICK of calls from this number!!!!!!  They call several times a day every day.  How do we stop them?!?
I get calls from this number at random times of day, almost everyday. No message is left & it is so annoying!!!
I get SEVERAL calls a day from this number and wish they would STOP!!!! They never leave any message and I refuse to pick up the phone.
Have been calling several times a day, for the last two weeks. Never leaves a message. Suspect it is a telemarketer.What good is registering your number with the do not call registry if these people keep bothering us?
Several times No message
This number has been calling every evening . caller unknown !
This number has been calling me once a week for almost a month now!  They call very late in the evening!
call came a couple times.  No message, no identifier.  Phone a land line out of Logan Utah
sent over several days with hang ups or no messages

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