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Reverse Phone Check:

Even i got a missed call from this number.and it said the caller is Priya..creepy....i lost 6.4 rs in just 34 seconds.:(
Yah, I too got a call. Its an innovative way to rob you, Shame.
hi who is this no
thanks guys!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was also going to call the same no.
Same No. called to me on my cell in midnight. Due to silent mode I have do not attend it.  After that I have serch and tracking this No on google and obtain the varity of replies on same subject. Thanks to all of you.
I am idea user I have also call from this number. But I could not receive.
43 is Austria0820893603 is the premium number TLC1 Mapp Street, Belize Citythis is the company that owns this number are special Austrian premium rate numbers. They are used because they are expensive to call.This is how the fraud works:1 You get a missed call. 2 They hope you will call back3 Your phone company bills you.   4 The keep half and pass half on to a company called Premium Tlc.5 Premium Tlc keeps some and passes a small amount to the end company.Your Indian Phone companies and working with foreign companies to rob you.look here of the 438208xxxxx and 438209xxxxx are being used to target and rob Indian phone customers   your Government and Regulators are turning a blind eye to this it to your newspapersI
I received the call from the abouve number, when I called back, The voice mail answered the phone and 6.5 INR deducted from my balance.
who is this?
Even I received a call on my mob. from same number at 1.43 (IST) in the night. I picked up the call but no one talked from the other side. As per country code, it seems that the call was from Austria. I was thinking of giving a callback. But thanks to 'Bla' for his/her comments to let me know that I am not the only one who received a call & for saving my money. Because I'm not intrested in hearing voice mail.
I have also got a call from this no & I have given a call back also but that time this no was busy I was lucky
hiii i also got a call from this no.i m also lucky i saw all ur mails.thanks 2 all of u
hallo .     i using idea . same Problemwho is this
I also recd. a call from this no. when i called up there was a lady asking to become a friend and trying to pass time. When i asked her where is she calling up from she said jaipur, which was obviously false. she was alos talking to somebody, about being tired. looks to me that it might have been a call centre trying to make some quick bucks.
same happened with me too:   sms was as follows---You are a WINNER! Your number xxxxxxx has been chosen for a $2500 CASH prize, call +447559049007 to claim.sender - TM congratswhen i called above no. call was received an automated voice responsesystem.... it asked me to confirm no. + other details.. thank god i didn't have much balance in account  so call get disconnected.
Report this fraud to your press - a few seconds agoIT'S A SCAM/FAKE/FRAUD.  These are Austrian numbers and very expensive to call.  Your phone company shares the money with these companies who own the numbers.the 43 is the dialling code for Austriathe number starts 0820check them here: Telco AG Telco AG ONZOONE MediaCommunications GmbH ONZOONE MediaCommunications GmbH Telco AG Telco AG Telco AG ONZOONE MediaCommunications GmbH Telco AG Telco AG Telco AG Telco AG Telco AG ONZOONE MediaCommunications GmbH Telco AG Telco AG Telco AG Telco AG Telco AG Telco AG MT tel AG Deutsche Telekom AG Telering AG Telco AG Telco AG Telco AG MT tel AG MT tel AG Telco AG
Hi any of you sent SMS to India - Today Book Club before you got this SMS. Pls share
hi  my no 9466030439 has been chosen for the cashprize i was called yesterday frm  no +43820956181
same as all yours

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