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disconnected this number without answering - however I fell into the trap that week and was told notto hang up - it was a free something - disconnected as soon as I realised it was a recording
just rang me about a questionair i filled out about winning a dream holiday i asked if id won it and she just said they are checking details so i hung up :)
they r called club la costa i hung up
They've called me twice now and haven't left a message
i get these calls for 2 days.Im from Irelans too
im gettin calls frm this number and 441512119901 the last 2 weeks even on weekends and as late as 9pm at nite, i cant ring it back because the number's are not valid , and they are not leaving a message on my voicemail.this is doing my head in
Ps.. im also in Ireland
Hi anne i am also with 02 did u any answers when u contated them ????
wat network are gettin these calls?? im on 02 network, are O2 customers only getting these calls or is it different networks ????
Hi all,I've been getting calls from this number also probably 2/day for the last few weeks, and they are not leaving a message, tried to ring back but all I get is engaged tone! No idea who it is but they are wrecking my head :( thank god I googled the number to see that it's not just me it's happening to...I'm in Ireland too and I'm with O2 I wonder if I contact them they may be able to help???
They called me today and iv no idea who it is, i tried to check it on an english telephone checker site but all it tells me is that its from LIVERPOOL,My thoughts are its from Littlewoods, but when i try to call it back it doesnt even ring, ill wait till it calls again and try answer.
if its littlewoods why would they ring and then hang up when  answer
its littlewoods
missed call but no message tried ringing back but cant.. Irish
Hi,I'm also getting calls from this number tday. It's intereresting 'cos only a few people know my landline number.
I have been getting calls from this number also. an im in Ireland weird
hi ive got about 4 missed calls from this number and they never leave a message does anyone know who they are im living in ireland
I've been getting calls from this number for the past week and when I try to call it back I get number busy or no tone at all.  I said I'd google it and see if a business comes up for it but I found this thread.  Does no one know who it is?
i have one missed call, i think this number is carhire3000! bye

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