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Reverse Phone Check:

Me to today.....Got a call from 44-20-3328-5996.... i am from denmark.....
This phone number called me, someone said something in a strange language.. dont know who. I live in Sweden!
They call me as well...didnt pick up the phone...
Several calls from this number.
Dumbasses, its an outsourcing company, not a scam, get a grip and stop being so paranoid about something that is legitimate
I have the same problem. Someone calls me from this number from some 2 or 3 weeks. Today the ring 3 or 4 times. I'm in ireland. It is annoying. In addition, today I watched a program about stalking.
The same problem here...I missed 2 calls and I answered the third one. Nobody said anything tho and when I called back, the same weird message, that everybody got.
f*** i had same problem whos call me fiu times in a day i didnt answer . who is this is not first time ??
INSANE: rings at least 5 times a day!!!
i m from ireland too got about 10 missed calls from them, i wont be answerin any time soon!
Just missed a call from this no. they left msg which was just backround noise they didn't sound like they were in any call centre or anything wouldn't trust it
Just had a missed call from that number in the last few minutes with no message left.
I have got recived a lot of phone calls from that number. When i pick up the was just silient. When I try to ring back this same massage that I don't need to do any actions.
i get the calls from this number couple times a week.i just want them to stop.i dont know who it is and whats going on! and im in ireland.
But what should I do if they call me all the time??? Where I suppose to call? help please! Thank you! Tom
have been getting 3 missed calls a day from them all week, but never answer baecuase im in school..whats going on?!
rang today d number 5times...dnt know who dis....
Just received a call from +442890931070 @11.20am. I don't answer +442 numbers so I just let it ring out. I've had a few problems with autodialers in the past. I'm in Ireland.
got a call off +442890931066 at 13:36, i dont answer them nosbut then another from +442890931070 at 18:10 and i let it ting thruhavent a clue, thought might be debt collectors,lol
got a call from this number just now.  its obviously a scam!!!

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