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It's on going, how do we stop these calls? I signed up for my number (to be on the no call list) and "every since then I have been getting telemarketing calls"  I don't get it!!! did someone at that 800 # sell everyone's phone number????????????
i too have been getting callsfrom 443-569-0713 and 601-5014105 ..i called them back and some lady answered and she said she was giving me a courtesy call about my visa... so after ready all of your post, i told her she has no right to call or have any info about my visa card or any info about it and she needs to stop calling me.. i hate marketing calls like this.. its a cell phone come on!!
Premier contributions called me on my cell and my Skype-- they knew my first name.  I told them not to call me back, and take my name off of their list.  they also call from 6015014105.Be careful folks, this could also be IDENTITY THEFT!!!!!!!!!!  Don't confirm any of your info with the caller!
I live in Hawaii and received several calls from this number. Since I don't know anyone who lives in Maryland, I didn't answer. They never leave a message, but call me everyday early in the morning Hawaii time. So annoying, I'm glad that I looked it up here.
These calls began for me after I purchased a swivel sweeper from I have reported to atty general as I have requested 10 plus times to have my number removed....
I received three calls within an hour. I called back and there was a recorded message to leave your number.
yea they were saying i had to get these trial accounts and that i would be a premer account and get a free 200 Dollar gas card i told them i dont want to do it but they had my name last 4 digits of my credit card knew it was a visa and new my address so yea
I got a call today from this number, and it was from VISA for an account i have ending in "2617" I looked through all my banking papers and I dont have an account ending in "2617" and i asked the lady what company it was with and she didnt know, she only knows that the account number associated with the debit/credit card account is "2617" The lady offered me a free 2 week trial (for $6.99) for identity protection, a magizine club thing and somthing else, because I have not missed any payments on my credit card. there was also an incentive to join, which for me was a $200 gas certificate (which i guess is a prepaid visa card or something)
they are coming from the internet there is a site about working from home you enter your number and several numbers call you all the time. i cant get them to stop.
same deal, called my number, left no message
This phone number calls me numerous times a day, on my cell phone, I keep rejecting the call and never leave a message. This is getting quite annoying. If it was so important to call me a couple of times during the day and I do not answer leave a message.
4/16/10This company called us from 443-451-3816.  A woman named "Ivy" said she received authorization to contact us about a Payday loan we opened online.  We have never had a payday loan.She had our address and phone number.I asked for the name of her company and she replied "Debt Stress Relief".I asked her who authorized them to contact us and she said she didn't know the answer.I asked her to find me a supervisor / manager that did know the answer, she replied they were in a meeting.I let her know she needed to break into that meeting with her headset and let them know they have a real A** on the phone who is going to start a legal process very soon.  I Iet her know I could talk to her all day long until she got me the answer to my question.  I also stated her call stats were going to suck today, because she was not going to make any money if she stayed on the phone with me.I asked her for their mailing address and she said "Baltimore, MD".  She would not give me the full address.I went back and forth with her for 20 minutes and she finally passed me to a supervisor named "Richard".He stated that they received my information from an online form that I filled out for a payday loan and were concerned, and could help me save 40%-70% on the loan.I asked him to see the form and he said he would fax it to me (i gave him my online junk fax #).I asked him who authorized Debt Stress Relief to contact me, because I never authorized it.  He stated that nobody authorized them to contact me, but they were contacting me.  He stated they are a FOR PROFIT companyI stated I needed the address to the company and he wouldn't give it to me.  He kept referring me to their website;  I stated I was going to record the conversation and needed him, "Richard" to authorize me to record the conversation.  He gave me authorization to record the call and also stated that Debt Stress Relief records all their calls also.I asked him repeatedly to give me his mailing address and he grew tired and stated that I was not acting in a "professional manner"!!!!He then stated he was hanging up on me and hung up!--If you receive a call from these guys, ask for IVY or RICHARD - it will freak they out!!
call from Premier Contributions....wanting me to join a theft I D service.  They told me the last 4 digitsof my debit card. They thought it was a credit card and they had my age wrong. Almost enough infoto sound like Master Card to sucker me in.
They claim to be Debt Stress Relief and want to help you consolidate your debt on an online payday loan.  SCAM!!  Got annoyed with constant calls, and then either hang ups or avoidance when I started asking them detailed questions about who they were and repeating I didn't have a payday loan.  Finally called the number back and got an Eva Simmons that stated she would take me off the call list...........we'll see!  When you ask them who they are or how much the loan is supposed to be for, etc. they hang up...........tells me it's fraud.
I was called on my cell phone by a person with a heavy accent, maybe Indian, just before noon to tell me that I had completed an online form requesting they contact me.  After repeatedly asking the person to enunciate such that I could determine who the heck she said she was representing, I finally understood her to say that the outfit was <i>Debt Stress Relief</i>.  Once the caller's identification became clear, I asked the caller where she got her information?  She stammered and repeated that I had completed an online form requesting that they,  <i>Debt Stress Relief</i>, contact me.I advised the woman that her data was either in error or she was lying.  #1Caller represented herself as offering a payday loan consolidation via Debt Stress Relief at my request.  Since I have no such debts or loans, I once again, advised her that her data was either in error or she was lying.  #2 Again I asked the caller where she (<i>Debt Stress Relief</i>) got this information?  Again she stammered and repeated that I had completed an online form.  She stuck to the script.I advised the caller to remove me from her db, riki tik. I promised her that I will notify the state AG if their fraudulent solicitations/harassment persists. I then made her repeat what I had just said to insure that neither my  language nor my intent escaped her understanding.Based on their fraudulent presentation and designs, which are little more than attempts to exploit the slow and/or unsophisticated among us,  I'd prefer to see them arrested thus giving them free rein to attempt their scams on <i>Tiny</i> while they are in the slammer.  Book 'em Danno.  They're scum.
I gave my cell number for some grocier vouchers and since then 443-569-0713 and 66-1- have been calling and hanging up, and when I call back they hang up. This is really getting on my last nerves!!!!!
Hahaha they called me in school so i put the phone up my sleeve and talked to them. They asked for an Oscar Harrington. Thats nowhere near my name. They've called three times. Imma tell them to stop next time. I just hung up on them. lol
please either leave me a message or stop calling i have no idea who you are
They have called me 7 times today...on one of the calls I was asked to call them back if I want to consolidate any pay day loans...they seem far too flags are going up everywhere!!! They just called again while I'm writing this!!!! (LOL)

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