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same here, got two calls so far, I did not pick up - I recently used that nr. for a phone call in India, maybe the intl roaming invited this unknown caller?
They keep calling me more than twice a day ! That's just pissing me off.
44-845-286-3009Got a call from 44-845-286-3009? Report it and help to identify who and why is calling from this number.
I'm From Macedonia and they called mi today but i wasn't home !?!?! WTF
Got a call from teh Netherlands.
I too called this number today, but I'm not even registered to Titan Poker. Who can? What do they want? I'm Italian
Im frome Danmark. This fon number call me yesterday. I dont no how it is, and i dont no this number. whats i going on..??I think maby this number is frome sweeden.i think that 44 numbers is frome sweeden. but im not sure about this.
Im from that number called to my phone!!..WTF
hi, i'm italian, yesterday i have receved the call, but the operator tell me that he work for poker stars. after he close the line.scusate il mio pessimo inglese, cmq io ora sto scrivendo a poker stars vediamo che mi risp, ora scrivo anche a titan x sicurezza
What they want? I was registered to Titan Poker about one year ago I think they had my number from there... I couldn't respond because i was in a work meeting! I'm from Italy too
вы мне звонили сегодня
They're from Titancasino, too.
please advise who call me from telphone number 44 8005200895
anke a me oggi nn so kis ia?????
they called me too yesterday.. would also like to know what they want, and how they got my number.. I'm from austria oO
they called me also, but i had my mobile at home. What do they want? Has anybody some infos??thx
I'm italian it also called me! WTF
i'm italian too, and they called me too today on my mobile, but i was swimming
This number is calling my house.

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