AntiCall is a user created reverse phone directory where you can:
- Lookup reverse phone numbers to find out who is calling you.
- Read other users' feedback about the phone number owner.
- Report telemarketing calls. Make the Do Not Call list offenders notice the problem by reporting their practices.

Reverse Phone Check:

I´m living in Finland, and quite often someone has called from this number - in the evening time...what is this number?
Got a call from this number (swedish country code), someone crying on the other end. caller hung up after 5 seconds.
Dont worry lol no clue what this is but its some kind of wackjob nolifers MANY listings (name of site in english is phone terror/sales terror numbers do NOT answer em)probably ppl who like to annoy ppl (speaking of this spesific number)of course if this keeps calling me i got something called police :P
Got a call from this number. The caller left no message.

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