AntiCall is a user created reverse phone directory where you can:
- Lookup reverse phone numbers to find out who is calling you.
- Read other users' feedback about the phone number owner.
- Report telemarketing calls. Make the Do Not Call list offenders notice the problem by reporting their practices.

Reverse Phone Check:

Called today, didnt answer,
Called me today... didn't answer because it was during exam.. .;P
Called me today and a couple of days ago. Didn´t answer.
Called me today. Didn´t answer.
phishing for idiots i suppose
Called me today. Tried to sell shaving equipment.
Second call today. Didn't answer.
Ringer til forskjellige tider!
Olet yrittänyt soittaa useampaan kertaan. Viimeksi 20.8. klo 11.29. Mitä asiaa?? Ota yhteyttä mielummin emailin kautta
dette tlf nr har prøvd å ringe meg flere ganger. det er et svindle tlfnr. aldri ta tlf hvis det ringer. NEVER tak the cal.
Was trying to call me at 10:32. 12.8.09If calls again, I´m putting it to my nokia´s "dont alarm" list..
WTF is this number - it calls disturbing calls, but why !?  are they making money of this or just playing !? When calling back to this number, there is swedish speaking recorded answer.
Call me today at112:46. I try to call back and there´s only answer speaks swedish.. ?
This number calls me almost every day, and I am extremely sick of it. Is there no way of tracing this number?
Distubing call 28.7.2009
several calls come from this number
disturbing call today at 10:13 am
Call at 13.45pm. Didn´t answer, don´t want when those cheats are around. What this number holder wants?
Disturbing call today at12.15
disturbing call

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