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yes guys i use to work with online pc solution,it is a scam,peter,kelvin and all other guys are really idiots ,they no nothing about computers ..they are simply telemarketers..plz don't entertain them,,they are trying to make UK and USA people fools..BEWARE OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..don't go for any contract with this company..
I just got a phone call from online pc solution saying that i have viruses and whatnot. They told me to go to RUN and type BREFETCH...i kinda knew it was a scam but my mom was lik freaking out so i was lik    -____-  i asked for their phone number and he said it was 469 675 6068 and that his name was spencer. i talked to another worker and they both had indian accents. Odd isn't it? It was a total SCAM! i dont even use my pc because i hav a laptop. When i told them that i will call them back because they would NOT let me go. They kept trying to keep me on the phone. I couldn't even understand him because of his stupid indian accent. I don't kno if they're trying to charge you for whatever minutes ur talking with them but this is a scam for sure! When i asked "am i being charged?" they tried to avoid answering the question by saying that it's really important that they fix my computer now before my computer crashes...BS! ONLINE PC SOLUTION IS A TOTAL SCAM!!!!!!!!!
Hi, I received a call from "Nicholas" (Initial delay & Indian accent) who told me I had a "problem with Windows - right" and asked me if I could "be in front of my PC". I told him I could not and he asked me to call him back at a specific time on 0207 099 1349. I asked him to contact me by email and he said "they were not authorised" to do that. I'm not sure of how he obtained my number, nor whether any of my downloads, or reporting of Windows errors could have prompted his call and I'm angry with myself for answering his call with my full name! Recently, I have some angst and a niggling feeling someone was trying to hack my computer on ebay and I downloaded the full version of AVG (with the antiroot kit) from softonic, but picked nothing up.
I live in Melbourne Australia and got a call from ...PC Solutions who said they had error reports on my pc. and needed to turn it on so they could fix.  The phone line appeared to be via satelite and the caller  also had a foreign accent.  I told him I had no problem as I recognised  a scam.  He said he was calling from Sydney, but I dont know the number. 11/07/2010
De ringte meg, jeg har ikke tatt tlf, men ved et uhell har jeg visst ringt de tilbake da jeg la tlf fra meg... Kan de da tappe noe fra kontoer e.l?
Så eg prøvde og ringe tilbake til them i dag.Ingen som tar tlf, prøver og cancle dette men det ser ut some eg kan ikke...Ka kan eg gjøre??
de prøvde å komme i kontakt med meg å i dag men jeg rakk ikke tellefonen å siden jeg ser dette på denne siden antar jeg at de ikke driver med noe bra +46927651399 var NR
i just mist it.
ghias ahemed maderchod is a guy who is f***ed up already and whereever he works he screwes up that company,what a big loser,online pc solution is a biggest computer maintenance company which emphasis on best service by expertise.expierience the service first and then pay yourself.
Unknown call to my son's mobile
Hvorfor er det ingen som tar tlf når de ringer da? er jo ikke som om at de kan rane dere for millioner:) Ta den og si at du liker det både fremme og bak, og spill skikkelig med! Ingenting er gøyere enn å bruke opp tiden til tlf selgere, hvertfall når du sitter på jobb og gjør lite uansett. Anywayz, de ringte i dag men jobber natt, så gleder meg til i morgen, DA blir det liv rai rai =O=O
Disse folka ringer i tide og utide. Har ikke tatt den enda, men er ikke lande koden Sverige? Når begynte tlf selgere å ringe fra sverige til norge egentlig? Hater tlf selgere..
Aldri ta telefonen med eit langt nummer . Går det ann å blokkere slike nr???
Dette Nr begynte å ringe meg for omlag en uke siden og ringer en gang per dag. sykt irriterende, så langt har jeg bare latt den ringe ut. men vurderer å ta telefonen og leke meg litt. heheBra dere ligger ut dette så man vet hva dette er. the police !!
fikk og telefon ifra dette nummeret nå nyligt. rart
Jeg fikk også en slik telefon. Jeg tok den ikke. Googla og fant denne siden. Takk for at dere er obs, så slapp jeg å ringe tilbake;) Ha're bra:)
they called me today an said that I have won some underwear, but I had to pay some in norwegian coins so I said that's fine, but after that he said something in swedish that I had to call back if I want to cancel this so I think I'm doing it tomorrow.....
yes someone called me this number as well.if its international calls and you haveno frends,family out state i wouldnt take the call.I sure wont! criminals!
They asked for my name. I couldn't identify the number as a Norwegian number, therefore i hung up quickly, just saying , "I'm not interested."

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