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Same situation as many mentioned above - new homeowner in Chandler. I came home today and found the same notice on my door.  Unfortunately I called the number before finding this website.  I'm not too concerned about the "scam" aspect of it, but the break-ins are alarming, of course.  Has anyone's house actually been broken into, or was someone just being ridiculous??
same deal as everybody else. Smelled fishy so I checked out the number. Sure enough same scam as everybody else here. Maybe I should deliver my tag to the scammers house in Gilbert. The return number was 480-776-5091. If somebody has their exact address please post here.
I called and they said it was something about 1000.00 worth of coupons from the city I live in.  This has been going on for 4 months.  THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM.  I asked for them not to come to my home and post a tag and do not call
Rec'd hangtag from Metro Delivery dated 12/3, to ..... "Second Attempt, Final Notice - two phone #s - Phoenix Metro 480-496-2195 and Tucson Metro 520-461-1052, with a confirmation number".  The confirmation # was handwritten, same as azfamily wrote above.  I am not calling this company back, but now questioning prospective break-ins while @ work - who can we bring these complaints to, to stop these people?
Same as above, new homeowner, got a note on my old residence by Metro Courier. The phone number listed was 480-776-5091
Gee-the same thing happened to myself, new home owner (which is unfortunately public information) paper white door hanger states "second attempt final notice please call to rescheduleMetro Phoenix: 480.496.2195Tucson Metro: 520.461.1052confirmation #  Blah Blah Blaha box "adult signature required (min, 21 years of age) A little feedback for you- from a marketing stand point, it should be Metro Phoenix and Metro Tucson  and be consistent not as stated on the form.  All items were written in pencil with, somewhat feminine handwriting, but in pencil- c'mom very tacky.  These scam artist should step it up a bit.  Perhaps, after ripping people off they can take a real marketing/graphics class at one of the Junior Colleges.  I'll forward my complaint to the Arizona Corporation Commission.  They may file under a new name and start a new scam.
We are new homeowners to the Chandler area and recently we have been targeted by a fraudulent company that goes by the name of "Metro Courier". This company left a flyer on our door  saying we have missed a package/message from them and to call them back. They had handwritten our name, a fake confirmation number and date on this flyer. When I looked up the company and phone number online I found this website that stated other people have also been targeted by this company.Thank you for posting these warnings for everyone to see. I've actually called 12 News Call for Action and reported "Metro Courier's" business practice and have received a call back saying they will look into this company. I appreciate any efforts on their part to stop this from happening to other homeowners.
This is Nov 1 and I had a door tag left on my door today # 480-776-5091 fits the description of above.... same bullsh!t. Not returning the call as I feel it's nothing short of a sales tactic.
I'm posting this everywhere I see complaints about these people. This seems to be a husband and wife combo, Matthew S Willes and Kristine L Willes out of Gilbert, AZ. They are both listed as being the ONLY manager/members of BOTH Metro Delivery LLC, and Protection Source LLC: ... rp-id=L15643933 ... rp-id=L11398180Protection Source has been around since 2004, and Metro Delivery since 12/2009. Looks like they are trying a new (very misleading) way to drum up business, and despite all the complaints here, it's probably working. I am not sure if they are actually "casing out places" for burglary (less likely, but who knows who they have drive out to drop off all the notices), or more likely, involved in really hard sell/unethical/misleading business sales pratices, as well as the whole free coupon scam I keep reading about. For everyone who reports here, they probably make a few alarm sales for people who never knew the difference. The fact that their security company has not been shut down, and maintains a non-negative listing with the BBB makes me think they aren't doing anything actually illegal...or at least it can't be easily proven illegal, and are just this side of operating within limits. Again, shame on them for preying on new home owners this way. It IS unethical, and it's a terrible and very shady way to try and get business.
It was Saturday night at 9pm and I went to dump the trash. My dumpster is in the front yard. As I was walking back to the house, a car was slowly driving by and the driver looked at me. I went inside and got a funny feeling about the car. I went back outside and stood out of sight of the car which had stopped in front of my next door neighbors house. They stayed in the car for another minute. Then the driver got out and started up my driveway. When she saw me she was very startled, and called me by my name. She handed me a door hanger saying "We were unable to make your delivery" I asked her how she knew my name, she didn't answer the question and said I should call the phone number on the card and give them the reference number and quickly left. I can't help but think this is some kind of scam. When you call and give them your reference number they now can match your address with a phone number. It would then be easy to know when you are not home and burglarize your house. I cant help but be suspicious when the card said "We were unable to make your delivery" when she purposely waited in the car until I went inside my house.
Received notice on my door saying "Sorry we missed you".  Thought it was the trash service or something.  When you call, They say to leave a message with confirmation number.  We've called a few times and left phone number and no one responds.  Sounds like a scam.  Who can I report this to?
I recieved this tag on my door, again new home owner, didn't know if it were papers coming regarding the house..  I called the number got the recording, the only think I worry about is if they have caller ID, they have my number now..  They already have my address..  They need to be stopped, something has to be done about people like this
suspicious of this number. new homeowner.  they left a note on my door, impling that I scheduled an event with them.  I didn't.  Couldn't get through to a person and they wanted my personal info.  I didn't give it.  I think it's a scam.  Please investigate.
THESE GUYS ARE GREAT! THANKS FOR THE NEW PHONE #!Actually they are theives who will rob your house if you call them.Seriously - DO NOT CALL THEM!I did not call them, I read all the horror stories first. Instead I am going to enjoy my new phone # to play with by signing up 480-776-5093 for as much junk info as I can. I get bored at work and screw around for hours at a time, so I figure I can send hundreds of spam calls to this number a day.When they disconnect that #, I'll just get the new # on here from other posters.. so keep posting the #s and make sure you sign them up for spam too!The tables have turned, Monte!
After reading all these comments, I saved this number under the name "DO NOT ANSWER".  I have saved a bunch like this, so now I just don't answer when I see "DO NOT ANSWER" appear.  I'm mucher happier now.
No one on the line.  We just hung up.
stupid a**es call me and ask for me and then hang up    really pissing me off
Called my house at 4:54 pm today (Saturday, 8/22/09), but left no message or name.
Got call asking for me (gave correct name) and said to have a good day. Wonder what this is about??Verified Number called from as above.
Calls daily; I only pick up if I recognize caller ID or someone I know speaks when answering machine picks up. Am on DNC list. ANNOYING AS H---!

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