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Reverse Phone Check:

Got a call from this number at 930am CDT on Mar 31. No msg was left. According to online phone books (487) isn't a valid US area code.
Ok , This number just called me. And its exactly Mar 31 just like the guy above. I picked up and they hung up.
I got the same call, I answered and I heard some voice through the static, but then hung up.
Just got a call from the same number.  I didn't answer.  10:41AM CDT, MAR 31, 2008.
I just got a call from the same number.
Just got a missed call from 487-767-1851 on my cell phone.  Thought I would google it before I returned it and now I will not return it!  Is really irritating to get these calls on my cell phone especially!!!
I got a phone call from this number they want to give a new phone, I refused to give my credit card information, and I got they 800 number, right away I went to sprint website and I did not see this phone number over there, I decided to give a call and they said fraud people
I received this call on Friday 3-28-08. It was a missed call. I see a lot of people received a call from this number.
Got the same call on Friday 3/28/08 but didn't pick up, tried to find it at and of course it doesn't exist in the US.
I just got this call during class. Is this a sprint issue? I noticed someone else mentioned sprint and I have sprint as well. Hmm. . .strange!
Also got a call to my cell which I let go to voicemail, at 2:00 pm EST.  The message was a man with an accent saying "hello hello hello" in almost the exact same tone each time, followed by a super long silence.
i get calls from this person every day of my life, and when i call back it is always busy, i want to know who it is!!!
I too r'cvd a call from this number. Did not answer and they did not leave a v.m. How in the H*ll did they get my personal cell number....Arrrggghhh!
Yep, got a 3/31/08 around 10:30 am CST. Didn't answer. Sprint customer as well.
I got the same call today at 2:39 p.m.  I didn't answer and they didn't leave a message.  I'm with Sprint as well.
I got a missed call from this number, I am a sprint customer as well
yah i got sprint as well in chemistry today at 1028 cst  this person called me..  didnt answer no voice mail, acalled back and said "not the correct code"  WHAT THE HELL?
Same with me. I am a Sprint customer, I just didn't answer the call.
I got a call on my Cell Phone with CID 487-767-1851 last night. when I picked it up there was a recorded message saying that I had miss dialed (this was an incoming call).  I could not find this area code anywhere so I checked the Internet they said the area code does not exist.  The next thing I did was Google the number and this is where I ended up.  So how can somone with a nonexistant area code and number call me and these other people?
Got a call from 487-767-1851.  Any ideas on who this is?  They didn't leave a message or anything.  I can't find the number listed anywhere or even where it's from.

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