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yo vivo en Japòn.hoy me llamò de este nùmero 49055110.
I'm from morocco and i received today one call from this number, there is someone who can helps me
someone called me yesterday at night , and it seems it's from germany as the the code of the country shows, so i just wanna know who was it ?
I am in The UK I have just recieved a ohone call from that number too. I did not answer as I was away!!Who is THIS???????
i recieved a  calla from this number was from turkiya and from a person who i know.but it was really a stange number.
me too i received a call frome number +49055110 to day i'm in morocco
I'm in France et i received this strange call many times.... it's so bizzar.Anybody can tell something about it?....
I received a call from this number too today. i'm in morocco
I received a call from this number too today. Nobody answered me.
just received a call from this number a man was saying "allo" acting like he couldn't hear anything and he hang up the phone 1 sec later another call the same voice with a different number he did the same thing and a third call with the same man with another number very strange ........
i have miscall from this number +49055110, right now im here in qatar and im trying to call back this number but its invalid where the hell this call coming from?
i was in the midst of my travel via ship from Manila (Luzon), Philippines to Iligan City (Mindanao) when I received a call and no one will answer. When I check my call registry it was 49055110 phone number
Same here. Living in Spain and received a call from that number on my fixed line. Obviously from a German number, but did not answered either. Who could that be?
Cuidadín con este número porque puede tener algo que ver con algo que he leído en un foro de stop-timadores. Datos que hablan de una chica rusa y de que tiene perfiles colgados por medio internet buscando pareja y no sé qué historias para sacar dinero poquito a poquito y ahondando en la buena fe de las personas honradas.Si quieres leer (en inlgés) aquí está el tema en cuestión: estoy seguro de que esté totalmente relacionado, pero ha salido a relucir el foro este al buscar en google.
I'm spanish and i have received a call from this number. Of course i dind'nt answer because it's seems a suspicious number.Who did make that call?
Im on roaming mode and hung up at some hidden calls to save my credit. Then I turned off my cell phone the whole day. When i turned it on, I got 2 MISSED CALLS from one hidden number and 2 other MISSED CALLS from 49055110. Some few days ago, I also got some sms which number, from what I got from google, is also a scram number. Mine is a Spanish mobile and nearly nobody has my number coz I am no Spaniard and only am in Europe for a short while.When I am back in Spain I will pick up all phone calls and get back to you with more details. Dirty words cant get on my nerve coz I dont understand Spanish at all.
call to a spain number coming from 49 (germany) ?I've no answered... any info?
I call +971507093233 and ask for booking a girl in Dubai. Immediately I received a call from +49055110.We would like to know what agency is behind +971507093233

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