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I got a very long winded voice mail, only after there were 4 hang up voice mails before that (on my work phone) from 496-656-7520 from a Mark Johnson (very thick accented Mark Johnson at that) With no way for him to know that it was my personal voice mail at work he left a slew of personal information in there and threatened legal action saying I was doing something with 3 or 4 different companies.  Umm.. yeah.  There will be legal action taken and my social security number would be used and blah blah.  If there were anything like that actually going on I wouldn't have been able to recently open a bank account at a well established bank.  It's highly annoying but I won't concern myself with it.  Apparently if it's a national crisis maybe I should google my name and it should come up with something right? So sick of these games to take money from hard working individuals.  He didn't however mention in the 5 minute voice mail that he was going to call relatives, which would be nearly impossible since I don't have any relatives.  Maybe that's why...
ACSDanny Johnson496-656-7520954-603-5038541-230-0003SCAM - Law Suit threat.  Very bad English with India/Paki accents
I started receiving calls from 469.656.7520 from a "Neil Thomas" stating that he was from the legal department of ACS and there was a very important matter concerning my name and social security number but because he was leaving a voicemail he could not go into detail but it was very important I return the call ASAP.  This guy called my cell 6 times in one day, called my brother, called my office and left messages at all locations on the same day.  Then I got another call from him at 7:00AM with the same scripted message to call him then 30 minutes later he called again.  I did a little research and found this site with all of these other posts and I'm glad I didn't call this guy back because it sounded strange!  I just wonder where he got all of my info!!  I'm reporting these guys to everyone I can...hopefully they will be stopped!
I had also had to foreign men call me today at work stating they were calling from ACS for an online payday loan. Which is impossible for me to have a payday because I have a checking account. I work in a collection dept and thought they were a claims branch we deal with, until they started spewing off my SS#. I think they got my personal info from an online cell phone application through ATT or Verizon, I applied online last week to both...Very Discerning. When to speak to the foreign harrassers supervisor he hung up and had another man or himself call back then hung up on me again.
I had also had two foreign men call me today at work stating they were calling from ACS for an online payday loan. Which is impossible for me to have a payday because I DONT have a checking account. I work in a collection dept and thought they were a claims branch we deal with, until they started spewing off my SS#. I think they got my personal info from an online cell phone application through ATT or Verizon, I applied online last week to both...Very Discerning. When I asked to speak to the foreign harrassers supervisor he hung up and had another man or himself call back then hung up on me again.
They keep calling everyday every minute for like 10 minutes. They leave these weird voicemails with weird music in the background. So I googled this number and everyone says it is a scam. Some people lost money to these people. Some how they are getting peoples personal info. They will use it against you and use scare tactics.I keep call tracing it. I hope these f*ckers get caught.  Don't even answer your phone hopefully they will just give up.
This is hardly a company, this is a Scam. Every call is different but the same. The name of the company changes and the names of the employees change; but the same scare tactics remain. They state that there are companies that are going to sue you and put you in jail. Then they try and squeeze you for information and get your banking information and take your money. I have done a little research and it seems that the group was operating out of California, but now they are in Tampa, Florida area. They have several cell phones with all different area codes and numbers. Every time you call one of them it is the same guy it seems. If you catch them unaware them you will get a woman who's name also changes frequently. Here are a list of "employees" and phone numbers that these scamers are using:Alex BarkerSarah JonesNash BrownMike Wilson - "Attorney"May JohnsonMiguel ZerraJohn JohnsonCurtis JacksonArnold Watson- "Attorney"John SmithFrank JacksonJoseph Williams"Nancy"Jonathan SmithMichael StevensOf course these aren't the only names they are using, and they can make up new ones very easy. Here Are their Phone Numbers.813-489-2927813-283-0610813-283-0611315-770-0405772-228-4008813-388-4935813-283-0641954-639-9313not working any more:496-656-7520916-233-0467991-279-9100These numbers can be searched throughout the internet and it's all bad news. is a good one, but there is many. I have tried to obtain a mailing address and they will not give. They are violating many rights of many people: old and young, rich and poor; but mostly the poor. I have been calling these numbers using *67 to protect myself and I have found it very enjoyable! If these guys have harassed you then try calling them (protecting your number), and if it is a girl ask for a guy and if it is a guy then ask for a girl. Try and get a mailing address - that's the golden ticket. Never give your real name or information, these guys are somewhat serious. Please help stop these guys.John Doe
I got a call left on my vcml at work saying my SSN was going to the court house and someone was filing a lawsuit against me. Very detailed even under the FDCPA guidleines of what you can and cannot leave on a vcml for a REAL collection agency. You can obviously tell they are reading a script. My suggestion if you do owe a payday loan, pay it with the ORIGINAL creditor - DO NOT deal with a collection agency! Especially one that you can not even understand!!!
This company called me today first on my cell and then on my old work number and then where transfered to my new work number, the also asked for me by my maiden name.  They say they are from ACH and that I have an outstanding online payday loan for $300 supposidly taken out in either December 2008 or January 2009, they couldn't give me an exact date.  Now having done the whole online payday loan thing before I know the information that you are required to provide and what the company provides back to you.  I told them they were wrong and that I have not taken any loans out in a very long time so he (Ricky Williams) immediatly "transfered" me to his "supervisor" (Shane Watson).  This "supervisor" immediatly starts harrassing me saying that a lawsuit is being brought against me for $300 so I asked him to send me the contract that says how much the loan is for, when it was taken out, the banking information that was provided, and any other documentation that they may have in order to follow through with this "lawsuite".  He procedes to tell me that it was an online loan and they dont have that kind of information, I told him that he was incorrect and that a contract has to be provided for proof of payout, pay back arrangements, refinancing fees and other information so that in case of a nonpayment that a lawsuit could actually be filed.  So that everyone knows in order for a lawsuit to be filed the complaintent must provide sufficient documentation in order to show proof that a service was provided and what the agreed payback arrangements were.  he asked me if I had a lawyer and I said no so he proceded to tell me that if I am refusing to make the payment that he would be sending an email, I told ok does that mean that he would be providing me with the documentation that I requested and he said no it would contain the lawsuit.  BIG mistake on his part, a lawsuit can not be submitted to you via email it is sent through mail or you are usually served with papers and have to sign for it saying that you recieved the package.  I told him to go ahead and email me and he was pissed so he hung up!  I got a call back almost an hour to the minute from "Ricky Williams" saying that his supervisor asked him to call me back and what my answer was in reagrds to the matter discussed, no supervisor would have their employee call back like this.  I told him my answer was the same and he asked what that answer was, I told him that his supervisor already knew the answer and there was no need for him to know as well.  He kept pressing for me to give tell what my answer was and finally I just went off on him and said that I know they are a scam and that I was filing a complaint with the Texas Attorney General for harrasment and fraud of a company.  I then told him that should he have any further contact with me that it was going to be recorded and turned over to the authorities and that any further contact needs to be made via standard mail.  I told him have a nice day and hung up!  Rule of thumb number one, if you have a thick middle eastern accent don't try and use a very American name.  I work with people from all over the world and even if they have a very traditional ethnic name they usually go by a nickname but it's only their first name, they don't change the whole thing.  Also when he called back he gave me another number (813) 441-0108.  Don't fall for this, it's all a scam!
Mark Williams with a thick Middle eastern accent. Since I have not bothered to call there is no reason to call back now. They are "downloading" my criminal case file and I must go down to the courthouse in Florida or have my attorney of record go down there?  what courthouse? Where in Florida?  This scam is ridiculous!  Download a criminal case file?  You must sign for court papers after they are served. They are not downloaded like music. The voicemail also said that I should be prepared to have someone come after me at my place of employment or my home as I will be most likely arrested.  He also said he wishes me luck as the situation unfolds.....and he hopes I can get out of the cold and not be arrested or investigated.
Keep harassing me calling my job
i also got a call from this number and had all my info ,said they had a lawsuit against me i told them there was not sutch a thing and hug up ,the next day they called my fatherand informed him the same thing,the same day they called my job ,so the next day they called again and i told them i thought it was a scam and to send me the documents,with a return address and i would take it to my lawyer ,they hung up after that ,yes this is a scam .also they use differant phone numbers .
So I got a call on my phone asking for my boyfriend. I never get phone calls here for him and so I thought it was weird. Then he said that "she" would get in big trouble if "she" doesnt call back. This guy couldn't even get his pronouns right. I pretended not to know what was going on or who my boyfriend was but he said that he needed to be called back at 813-441-0108. The guys name, or at least the one he gave me was, Robin Williams. He had a very thick Southern Indian accent and could not speak fluent english. My boyfriend then got a call at home and at work. All of our numbers are on the do not call list so I have no idea where they are getting all these numbers.I have filed a complaint with the FCC and also posted my experience on here but I have not idea if it will go anywhere but for all those who care here is some information.
I posted this on MySpace for all of my friends to read. Over the past week I've been receiving phone calls from (496) 656-7520. A man with a thick Middle Eastern accent has left about four or five voicemail messages as when he calls I am at work.He says he is with the National Affidavit Processing Services. The first couple of times he called he will not leave a message in why he is calling. He leaves a call back number of (786) 522-0539 for the first two messages.Then he calls back a couple more times. He mentions a lawsuit and an investigation against my social security number. In the voicemail he mentions that the lawsuit will cost thousands of dollars. He is very threatening with his tone. This time he leaves a call back number of (813) 283-0610.Mostly it sounds like he is reading a script. He says his name is Kevin McClane (Spelling?).He got a hold of my mother's telephone number and has been calling her as well this past week. She played the messages for me and I heard the same scripted message. I believe the calls began on May 22, 2009.I suggest that all of you who read this make sure your phone number is on the National Do not Call List. To register you can go here: myself will be adding my number to this list. I will also be report this person to FTC and my attorney general.
DO NOT GIVE THEM MONEY!!  THIS IS A SCAM COMPANY!!  I filed a complaint with the Attorney General of AZ.
Same thing is happening to me. The number they are harassing me from is 706.955.4897. It's soooooo scary.I cannot stand the fact that they know my personal information. I filed a report w/my local sheriff and FBI. I have had to unplug my phone. They do not stop calling. I warned both my sisters about these middle eastern wackos. These definitely cannot be Americans. The one guy called my sister! The nerve using American names for their sick games. I may change my phone number.
Okay,...the se scammers are at it again. They call you and say that you're going to be arrrested because you have defaulted on a payday loan that doesn't exist. They say that the name of their company is National Affadavit Processing Services or Federal Inusrance Agency. They will have the phone numbers of two of your closest relatives and friends that they will call and aharass!! Let your relatives kow that this is a scam!! They were calling me back in April from different numbers. Now they are back at it again as they have changed to new numbers. Everytime they it to your state attorney general, law enforcement, etc. These guys are offshore and are very arrogant when you tell them that it is a scam!
These guys are relentless!  This Chris Johnson guy must have called my cell 8 times yesterday (at one point they called back four times, 1 after the other).  The callback number they left was 772-228-4008.  AND they have my work number, my SS#, and my bank info.  I accidentally answered when they called me at work today.  Said I owed money to Cashco for a payday loan processed last June and that they would be filing suit within the hour.  When I told them they were misinformed, they started spewing all of my personal numbers at me (very scary, actually--I recommend NEVER applying for a payday loan online.  I'm guessing that is how they got my information).  So after I instructed the "supervisor" to not contact me again, he told me they'd be filing suit and hung up.  Lo and behold, 4 minutes later, the "senior supervisor" called back just to be sure that I really wanted them to file a suit for $5000 or something insane like that.  I informed him that of course, I didn't want a suit and that if they had any need to contact me, to please do so through US Mail.  At this point he said that they would file suit, but first he would need to contact my mom and sister to "warn" them.  I specifically asked him not to contact ANYONE by phone concerning this case.  We'll see where that goes.  Then (get this), he told me I'd be served at my place of work and asked me to transfer him to my supervisor!!  Man, I hope this is over.  Gotta go call Mom and Sis and tell them not to answer these calls (and not to even try to listen to that thick Indian accent).
I get horribly harassing calls from this number both at work and my cell phone. Very rude middle eastern accent, demanding I cooperate and threaten my job and my "future"
Constant calls claiming to be the Federal Insurance Agency and that they have a claim against my Social Security number.There is NO such agency.  Do not answer.  When you try to call back it says the number is out of order.

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