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according to wikipedia, these are the same owners of University of Phoenix
ME too!!!!!!!!!!They said that I wanted registered to get an online business degree
Yep, they called me too, telling me that I was registered there for a degree in business:S I didn't even sign up for this, its scary because they had all of my information!
I just got my phone number and haven't used it ANYWHERE except for with friends and family and yet they are phoning me too... It's getting really annoying.
Well actually these people were calling my husband like crazy and i kept telling him that they are leaving messages asking specifically for him to call them back. Then he tell me that he did request information from that University online BUT maybe like everyone was saying they;re are not a university.  Don't know what to think but they call like crazy and it is annoying specially when my baby is sleeping
I got this call 3 days in a row. No message either. Annoying. Thank goodness for this website...
no call list:
ils m'ont appeler 2 fois déja, je crois qu'ils ont eu mon numéro lorsque j'ai rempli des questionnaires sur le net
These guys have been calling by over a dozen times.They are just a bunch of jerks.Canada needs a "NO CALL LIST"!!!
same deal here: 506 443 8400 - 12/11/14:19...meh.
Does anyone have a link to the site they sign up on that wasn't Meritus?
Well, "Jennifer" (a twenty-something sounding young lady) left a message this time. She's "calling from Meritus university" about an on-line degree program. The toll free number she left is 1-866-779-7371 x. 48444 or "direct line" 506-553-8444.The name that they had (a fake name) confirmed that they got the phone number  from an on-line form for vacation information that I stupidly STARTED filling out using a real phone number -- I thought I hadn't submitted the form so this is even more annoying :-(.
I meant direct line 506-443-8444, not 506-553-8444.BTW If you call that 1866 number they claim they'll remove you from their list (let's hope that will stop the calls because I've had others from that very same form... never again will I use my cell phone number again on-line).
they called and i didnt answer but they left a message saying my name and that theyre are calling about a request for information and to discuss my educational goals n they left their number and ext for me to return their call... ive never requested any info and ive never heard of this school before. im in ontario
I got this call (506-443-8400) on my cell phone number as well @ 14:47 Eastern 15/10/08. I have a suspicion they got my number from some sort of "free" vacation package entry that I entered for the hell of it on-line.
I just noticed that Yellowpages lists them as Meritus University in NB. Sounds like a scam to me! ... l?adid=01164800
Yep, it's a scam -- a for-profit university. The fact that they're calling an unlisted cell phone number that was harvested from something completely unrelated to education says it all!
They just called me here, in Calgary Alberta, at about 9:00 A.M (Calagry time).I did not answer,I have an unlisted cell phone number.
Phone number called me twice between 12:00pm and 4pm (Ottawa Ontario time) I did not recognize the number so I did not answer.

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