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ROBO_CALL about public utilities. Some anti-PG&E bs. Reported to donotcall just like all the other times....
I work from home and use my home phone for work. I constantly get someone calling from 510-903-9343. No message left ever...
I get calls from this number at least twice day. This has been going on for months. Same as everyone else--no messages left. I'm also on the do not call list.
Same problem as the other commenters - they call every day.  It's a robo call. But INTERESTINGLY enough, when I called back, I got a really weird message, something like "This is a scamming organization. This is a scam call. We are not a nonprofit."
Verification of address via public utility (510) 903-9343 Name: Available In Report Address: Available In Report Carrier: BROADWING COMMUNICATIONS, LLC City/State: SAN FRANCISCO, CA Phone Type: LANDLINE
To get rid of these types of callers for good, get a fax machine and put it on auto answer.  The computer that makes these calls will remove your number from the list as it will think it is a data line.
ROBOCALL:  "Attn public utilites customers, PG&E..." reported to
Frequent robo calls
Called at 6:51 p.m. on Nov 23, husband answered, caller did not respond.  Redialed the number and message said mail box was full.
Has been calling my home phone daily for the past 10-12 business days, between the hours of 9am-7pm. I don't answer, they don't leave a message.
I don't understand why the FTC can't do something about this.  We get calls daily from this number.  When you call back no one answers and it says the mailbox is full.  The number is unlisted so there is no way of finding out who is making the calls.  However, the number was issued by a phone company which falls uner the FTC so they should have a procedure/policy for dealing with these issues.  However, this is an example of another useless Federal Agency that continues to waste taxpayer money!!!
Have been getting these calls almost daily for several weeks now.  No one on the line.  Extremely annoying.  Who investigates these things?
Repeated hangups.   Have no clue who it might be.
Several calls with no message. Pita!
Same as everyone else; no message, calls practically everyday.
Calls once a day 9a-12p, no1 on line, no msg and hangs up. Way annoying.
This number has been called to my home several times.
calls - leaves no messgae and hangs up
Same here. Called, left no message. I have this party on Call Block--they cannot get through. If they need to reach me, let it be in writing.
left no msg.

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