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Reverse Phone Check:

This number always call me even if I'm at work. I already told them I'm no longer interested in Everest, but apparently they won't leave me alone. This time the phone message was a garbled person that i couldn't even understand what was said.
I am a hater of this stupid number i now have a whistle that I blow in the ear of all who dare to call me
got a call from this number and asking about my wife and he just Hang-up  the phone..I think this needs to be reported to police department.
I also have been getting many calls a day the past few days. And I also visited Everest. I even spoke with a local Everest rep and they assured me I would not be getting any more calls. It's very annoying. How in the world can we make this nonsense stop?
I recently got 3 calls from that number and now I am getting calls from an unknown number. I inquired about Everest back in June. It's so annoying especially when they call while I am at work.
This number calls my cell phone about 3x a day and I'm getting very annoyed by it. I called the number back and there is a message that asks you to enter your phone number to be placed on the "do not call" list but I'm still receiving the calls. Are there any legal actions that I can take?
I know that its everest college, because before I made the mistake of submitting my info to them, I never received calls from that area code like EVER.After visiting the website and asking for  more info they started calling me, on the hour every hour everyday from like 9-8pm for about a month straight. Then they stopped, now they just started back againI wish they would stop it, its really irritating
they call me every day sometimes multiple times a day ... it is definitly everest i made the mistake of visiting their website too.
I made the same mistake asking everest for info about their classes too. 513-275-1387 calls me at least twice a day now. Phone span.
Am I the only one with a potential claim against an Ohio based insurance company who heard from these peop-le?
My gf gets calls from this number.  She doesn't answer numbers that she doesn't recognize, but they never leave a message.  SPAM.
i get a call from this number every day at all hours..drives me nuts..
i got that call from 513 275 1387 today and i think it just stupidity to bug the people
I got that call today but I didn't that I think about it I did visit the Everest website about 2 months ago
they cal and never leave a message. I found out from  another company that they do this to see when someone is home (if you pick up phone) there is no one there it is a machine. That way they can have a live person call back when they know someone will be there, I told the company who told me this that If they ever do that again I wil never buy form them
I have been getting calls from that number too.  Everest calls me all hours of the day.
I keep getting calls from the same number, but when I answer, I don't hear anything.
I just anwsered that number after they called a few times.  It was from Everest University.
no msg left but called within an hour of the first call.
Who is this person.  I answered, but no one was there.  From comments, looks like it's a spam caller?

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