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calle me on my home phone. Swea Iowa ?
me too. dumb a**es
This number also called me today.  No one there - then hung up
Has called twice but left no message.
I answered and said hello 3 times but no response, then I hung up.
Called my mobile phone.
This company is irritating..
These people are calling my cell phone 3 and 4 times a day. I have told them many times very politely that I am not interested and they continue to call back. They are tring to sell me magazines and don't take no for an answer. This has clearly become harassment.
This number called me claiming that I won a $1,000 online shopping spree. The girl then offered me a bunch of different magazines(GQ, Details, Men's Helath, Men's Fitness, and couple others) and said that I would just have to pay a small fee per month which added up to about $19.99 per month for all magazine. I told her that I would like to defer and she asked me why. I said that I do not want the magazines and will not read them. She then said that she wanted to transfer me to someone else to give me another offer "just for taking the time to listen to her." She then transferred me to a lady name Sue, and Sue offered me the $1,000 online shopping card but that I only needed to pay $4.95 for shipping and handling on a free trial membership package. I told her that I don't give my card number over the phone. She then went on to say that she understands and that they would not risk compromising my card over a measley $4.95 charge and that I could call the credit card company and dispute the charge if anything was wrong. After this she asked me to go ahead and give her my card number when I am ready. I told her I would call back at a later time. The number she provided me with to call her back was 1-800-701-9127. I never called back.
Its some sort or service. I called them back and told them to take my number offtheir service. I just did it a few moments ago so I don't know if they really did.
this number calls bout 3 times a day. i want them to stop calling
i keep getting call from this number
This guys call and pretend to be the Soap Opera Digest Magazine... they ask if I am getting my magazine.If  you explain you are having a problem they offer to help but never do anything or follow-up.They then tell you how much they can save you if you renew with them.I never purchased  the magaine through them... they are just scamming, trying to sell me over priced magazine.When I asked what company they are with... they replied - Express Info
this number called me and asked if he had called my number and repeated it back to me corredtly. Then I said yes and before i could even finish speaking he started insulting me and hung up before i could reply.
This number- 515/369/5703 keeps calling my phone.  If you answer, no one speaks to you.  If you call back you will get one of the following:  1. Busy Signal.  2.  A pre-recorded message stating someone will be right with you, and then silence, I finally gave up after waiting 6 minutes. OR 3.  A message saying the number is disconnected.  I have no idea who it is, but it's really annoying the crap out of me.
After receiving numerous calls to my cell phone from this number, I filed a complaint with the FTC.  I have never spoken to anyone, but when I called it back, an answering machine said it was "Express Information..."Everyone needs to file a complaint at!!
This number just called me and it was Express Magazines.. they are an annoying company that wants you to subscribe to magazine through them. Gonna call them back to make sure they dont call me anymore.
They Keep CAlling my phone asking for my 14 year old brother, when i ask what its concerning they hang up i call back, but a machine picks up and says that all lines are busy and keep on hold for a while i hung up the last time after i stayed on hold for about 15 min. Stupid punks they should get a real job and stop harrasing me and my mother, because she is also reciving phone calls like this as well as text messages about my FOURTEEN year old brother
Leaves no mess. on Ans. Mach. If machine doesn't pick up they hang up after 3rd ring.
They call a couple times a day and always hang up when I answerThe caller id states that it is Express Info

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