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These people called me today. I was clearly annoyed because I keep getting these debt solutions/help with your debt companies calling me on my work phone. The girl was really rude and defensive and still wanted to talk to me about my debt even after I told her I didn't have any. I had to hang up on her because she wouldn't listen to me. I told her to take my number off of her list and she said they would. Yeah right. . .
Debt Solutions is the name of the company.
Calls over 10x a day. Never leaves a message. I looked up other websites for this number to see if there are any complaints and I have found several all claiming that the person fishes for personal credit card information and many are filing harassment lawsuits for the numerous calls as well.
Asked for the wrong name then would not hang up
Unknown caller,  called twice, left no voicemail either time so why call unless it's robo.
This number (516) 417-5935 keeps calling and then hangs up!  It says "New York Call" on caller ID.  It beeps like a fax if you pick up, but no fax was sent????Who are these people and what are they advertising?  How can I get then to stop?
Well, found a number for Eureka Telecom, saw the name in one of the other posts and thought I'd check that out since I've called everyplace else with no success.....(212.404.5000) called them to find that Broadview Networks bought Eureka??? I spoke with a very nice woman who transferred me to someone who she thought could help. I left him a message- if it turns out he can help stop these calls I will post the info ASAP.
Me 2 calls at 3:14 am, and filed FCC complaint. They wrote me back saying they can't help me. Nice.This morning I got the call at 5:50 am. I don't know how to stop this!!!
Keeps trying to fax me at 6am on a Saturday morning.
Yes, we received fax-beep tone too from +5164175935 in Europe March 11th  2010 14:45 local time Zürich.
I get calls from 516-417-5935 in the middle of the night also.  Same thing that the rest of you guys are getting.
1-516-417-5935 calls my landline frequently, never leaving messages, I never pick up.....caller id states "GARDEN CITY< NY "?????????
I am getting FAXs from this number at 3:30AM
Yes. same thing for me..I tried to fax them to stop from work and the return number isnt good, anybody have a idea what the name of the company is, or a correct fax number to send them a message...or do what I've done...harass them!!!
This jerk...calls canada at 4:13 a.m. anyone know how to stop this......
Mit dem Idiotischen Versuch bei jeder Tages- und Nachtzeit Fax zu senden auf mein Handy hönnte aufgehört werden!!!!!
so ein Mist habe ich auch, was zum Teufel soll das ¿
Caller trying to send fax to me at 1:47 AM!!!!
1:13am, wasn't happy
516-417-5935 keeps calling with fax beeps. Will fax to # to cease all faxes to our number anymore.

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