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I got the exact same call today, and I'm not too happy to find out it's some type of scam. Said her name was Debbie, saw my resume online, calling from Livonia but couldn't understand the company she said. Called back and went to a voicemail that wasn't set-up. Very weird, and not cool at all!
Thanks for the tip guys...I will avoid calling back. She said her name was Debbie, but she was obviously Indian (Debbie is a common name there?), and stated that she found my resume online. The weird thing is she gave me this callback number, but she called from Springfield, Illinois. Also, it sounded like she was calling from a bus stop.
This number calls me all the time, when I answer it disconnects and when I call back it says the number is disconnected
This number calls me all the time and when I answer it, it disconnects.  When I call it back it says it is a number that is out of service and has been disconnected?
has anyone went to the interview
some women called and asked if i was still looking for a job.  i asked her how she got my number and she claimed from  she said there was no email on the site for me which is crap. i told her i wasn't falling for her scam.
Got a call from this nunber and no one said a thing.  I said, "you can't sell me anything if you don't talk first" and still no one said a thing.
This number keeps calling me but no one ever answers when I pick up. I'm so fed up.
keep getting calls from this number 517-679-6757 & 586-580-0109 and no one is there when you answer
I've been receiving numerous calls everyday from this number out of Lansing MI for weeks now, in addition to their sister number from Utica MI (586-580-0109).  They call at all hours of the day even at 9PM at night when my little ones are sleeping.  I've answered 4 times and when I start asking questions, they rudely hang up on me.  One call was to raise money for a hospice organization for children, and when I explained my wife and I started our own non-profit in memory of our friend's son who passed away recently at 9 yrs old, the caller rudely interrupted me and then hung up on me!!  I was so stunned and upset.  I've called the number back two times and have left messages for a manager to call me, but they never do.  I've even followed the prompts twive to remove my phone number from their list, but it hasn't worked.  This company should be ashamed of themselves calling on behalf of great charities but handling the call so unprofessionally and rudely.  This company needs to be slapped with penalties for their behavior.
Got call from this number 517 679 0757  today 7/15/10  they did not leave message. I could hear "office sounds" in the back ground.  This is the first call.  Hope its the last.
They call every other day. Very annoying.
I called the number back, got a recording justifying their right to call on behalf of 'charities'. Then an option to have our number deleted from their list by pressing '1', then enter home phone #. We'll see if they stop calling, or just start calling from another number!
I say we post these numbers on facebook and twitter and ask everyone to start calling them all day long and see how they like it.  with a multitude of incoming calls how will they be able to harrass others all day long?They have called me up to 3 times a day for the past week.  Lets start calling them at586-580-0109and517-679-0757
They just called from 517 679 0757.  Asked who they were. they said "erik" i said, where are you calling from "home" they replied.  My attorney was in the room; I asked them to speak with Erik. and make a formal request to put them on the do not call list. Let's see how that goes
Our phone rang but we didn't answer it.  Our machine picked it up and all we heard was someone talking in a low voice and every once in a while we could make out a swear word.
just received a call from this number and no one was on the other line. we called it back asking about movie time information just to see what they would say in response. the person said it was their home...
When I said "Pleae remove me from your calling list" Sher replied in mocking tone "Please don't answer your phone" Huh?
I just got a call from this number. I didn't answer it but did just call it back after reading the comments here. The voicemail message indicated that they were calling about a charitable contribution and that charities were exempt from the government "do not call" list. The message said that if you would like to be put on their own "do not call" list to press 1 and then enter your number, otherwise you could leave a message. I pressed 1 and entered my number but I don't trust it at all. If they call again I'm going to answer.
Oh great, this number came up on caller ID, but also said "unknown," so is likely some of those solicitors who pretend all of your donation goes to your local charity, but it doesn't.  I suppose I can expect to have these fakers calling us several times a day for the forseeable future.......I think I will keep a brass whistle next to the phone, answer their call, and give them a memorable blast if the mood strikes me.

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