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This call was from a friend in Jamaica W.I. who said he was using a friend's phone. I believe someone obtained this number thru the phone system
Received call at 9:06am 12-30-10 - went to voicemail.  It was a fax machine calling.  Tried calling the # back and it went to a voice response system asking me to enter a code.
Called tonight then hung up
I am recieving the same calls.  They have come from several different #'s and according to the caller ID on my cell phone, (the only phone I have), some are from CA but most are from NY.The first couple of times he called and left phone #'s to call back, they didn't work, obviously fake #'s.  This was about a month ago that this all started.The calls are exactly as described, Officer Michael Black of the Bureau of Crime Investigation, (though one time I called him back and he answered as Peter Black), with a very heavy Indian or Middle Eastern accent, saying there are 3 allegations against me and my Social Security #, and I will be arrested if I do not pay $350, and only God can help me if I do not.He has my bank info, my work #, and both of my parents #'s.  He keeps threatening to "call my parents".  I'm a 35 year old man.  I'm not too concerned with someone calling my parents.Today, however, he did call them and my place of employment.He keeps saying he will tell my manager and my wages will be garnished, unless he hears from my lawyer.  That, and I will be turned into my state's Small Claims Court and my credit will be destroyed for the next 7 years.Here's the funny part.  He said money was put into my account in February of '09.  However, I didn't open my checking account until April of '09, after I split up with my wife.  As rediculously funny as it is, I'm extremely bothered that he is now harrassing my parents and my place of employment.This has got to stop!
I just got a call from 518-936-5754 and I was told the exact same thing as everyone else on here. So naturally I started freaking out. I didnt want to be arrested but I know better then to give my info over the phone. I did take the money gram info from the guy who was claiming he was a SRGNT OFFICER JAMES BROWN and the money gram was for a actual person MARK ALTCE in MYRTLE BEACH SC. These guys told me it was for a cash advance that I did that I didnt pay back. And that if I dont call back to pay them or send the money order that I will  be arrested and have to pay up to $3000. As soon as I got off the phone with this idiot I called the  cash advance place and they said my account has not been referred out and that my account is in collections but they dont know who those people are. National Bureau of Crime Identification in Albany, NY this is a SCAM just some idiots trying to scare you and get money from you. I also called the police department and they told me not to worry about it. You cant be arrested for having a bill in collections. You have to be served first and taken to court and blah blah....Dont give these people any of your information...
Today my son calls me to tell me also about a call from a Mr. Black i then return the call and spoke to a Mr. James brown whom was mr black's supervisior as he say can some one tell me how two men with heavy indian accent have last name black and brown i don't think so but anyway he request  that my son send money asap or he also will be arrest for fraud by moneygram then he want me to send it person to person to a guy by the name of Mark altce in myrtle beach south carolina then after i send the money call mr. james brown tell him it was sent and fax the form and receipt to (206) 984-0354 which is located in seattle washington so do he think i stupid or what send my money to person not a company in SC then fax my paperwork over to seattle washington then call him back in albany NY. I google the phone they call me from which is 518 565-0383 and all these indian name came up i then call mrytle bch SC for a listing for Mark Altce funny no listing. They almost had me this is a FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD does anyone know how these people got there information. My son beleives it was a cash advance
I have been getting calls for months from Michael Black, Tom etc...containing the same threats.  He would call over and over again...He has even call me a b***h once and told me to suck his ***.  I swear that is what he told me.
I too have been getting calls from Officer Tom Clark.  He left a voicemail at home that originated from 626-263-9260 but his voicemail said to call back at 518-595-4322.  He left one at work that originated from 518-595-4322.  Both messages said I will be arrested in the next 24 hours.  I called him back and was transferred to a John Campbell, Badge 615.  He said if I don't settle a debt by a payday loan company (I never did business with that company), the National Bureau of Criminal Investigations was going to download a legal complaint in my state and county and the local sheriff would come to my home and arrest me at 6:30PM.  He knew my social security number, banking information and address.  I tried to give him my attorney's number and he refused to take the number.  I called the local sheriff and they said it sounds like a scam and to just hang up on them.  I did a internet search on 626-263-9260 number and it was associated with a "Keith" who calls from 17 different numbers.  Does anyone know how to report these people and put them out of business?
I gotta a call from say persons and by reading out this complaint i thought that its SCAM but when the COPS came at my doorstep to pick me up and at that tym i had a word wid TOM CLARK i came to know that they are LEGIT now i came to knw that never trust on this kind of complaint ...
I have been receiving harassing calls from a foreigner by the name of Officer Tom Clark stating that I will be arrested in the next 24 hours if I don't settle a $700.00 debt. He knew my social security number, and an old address, very frightening.  I proceeded to tell him that he needs to contact my attorney, and he refused to take his number, or send me any information in the mail.
I got a message from them too, do not give out any information
I got the same phone call.. but this time instead of roger balck, now its roger smith.. He is starting to call my unit.. i am a united states marine.. I can not have that, i already got my a** chewed by my firsy sergeant out of fear for me, and a fraud company calling my unit. this has to stop.. this call or harrassment better not cost me my career!! Does anybody know how to stop this so called, "officer roger smith" to stop calling me and my unit????... Thankyou all for reading.. Sgt. Lesniak, USMC
Got a call from 5185954322 stating he was Officer Roger Black from the National Bureau of Crime Identification in Albany, NY.  He keeps calling my cell phone and my place of work stating I have committed fraud and they are coming at 12pm today to supena me and arrest me.  Told him that I do not know what he is talking about and that I could not understand him he got very upset.  Told him to give me his info and that I was going to call the local State Police and he said to call them and call him back by 12PM.  Called local police and they said sounded like a scam call to hang up.  Talked to a local attorney he said the same thing.  Called the number back and they answer it Nat. Bureau of Crime, hung up and they called me back stating that I called them(if it is how can they track that I called them they usually do not have caller ID).  Told him that the State Police said to hang up and that was what I was going to do and talked to a lawyer and he got very nasty saying that it was bu***hit and if I do not believe him I will at 12PM when they come for me, and he hung up.
thanks for the info.since my last posti called this michael black backand told him i was going to report them.Since then he has not called backthese people are fake
I received the exact same phone call on both my work and cell number on Friday, June 25th.  He gave his name as Michael Black of the National Bureau of Crime Investigation.  He said serious accusations had been made against my name and social security number and he left the last four digits - which means he has my info.  He also called my boyfriend on his cell number.  I have recorded his voice mail message w/the threats in it.  The number appears to originate from Albany, NY according to a reverse phone directory.  This call came in the day after I applied for a cash advance loan on line.  Have any of you who received this call done the same thing recently?  This is the only way I can figure out that he could have gotten my info.
these people have been harassing me for moneysaying that i am wanted for fraudplease let me know if you know from this
I received a call from a man of Indian decent claiming he was Officer Michael Black of the National Bureau of Crime Investigation adn that I was giong to get arrested if I don't call him back by 8:30 today.  He stated that I will be arrested for the maximum term allowed and that only God can help me if I don't call him back.  He also has been calling my fiance and sister saying that I committed fraud.  I answered him at work today and told him that he cannot call my place of employment.  He kept calling me back and calling me back. My fiance called him back and he said he was going to send the FBI after my fiance.

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