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Reverse Phone Check:

The number just called my house in London.  Not the first time either but its starting to piss me off.
just got the call at 1:44 pm Est on Friday 15th 10 2010. I called it back and got someone named brian's voicemail...kinda weird if ya ask me...oh and the mailbox was full so i could not leave a message.
just called me, 2 rings and dead...
I keep having this number call I answer they keep asking to talk to my husband I told him 3 times I will call the police if they call back and while I was telling him this HE STILL TRIED TO TALK TO MY HUSBAND!! these people are stupid,. If anyone knows the company or a number I can call to complian that would be great
Just receive a call with no msg from this number, 8:30pm Oct 13.
I just got this number on my missed calls today too (Oct 12/10).  I came on here to see what others said about the number.. I won't bother calling back.  Cheers for this service!!
This is weird!!!  I'm getting him calling my house....over and over again!
i got a call from this # too. glad i missed it! thanks for the thread below ....damn telemarketers!
please don;t call
"Jim" from "SKYTEL" which is part of "SOLO MOBILITY"I talked to him personally and told him that I would post this on here and tell everyone to tell him his company sucks and/or don't answer the number.
I have received several of these calls on my caller ID.  I don't know the individual and the number is so weird it looks fake.  Any ideas?
saturday at 4:40 - must be a telemarketing
Sat 9 Oct/10 @ 4:51pmUnavailable NameCalled but left no message.Me thinks it's a telemarketing robot...
just got a call from this number there was a woman talking and she kept saying hello and i said the same but she never replied :S:S:S
Got a call from this number. They claimed from TD Investment Services, and asked me to confirm my name, address, etc. I told them that I did not want disclose those from strange caller right way. Then they hang up. At least, it's annoying if it does come from TD.At worst, it might have come from someone who wanted to steal your personal information. So be careful!
several phone calls-no message
They called me 6 times today over a couple of hour period and have been calling anytime until about 9:30 pm. We told them not to call again after finally picking it up.  We will see if they call again.  These folks are very intrusive and annoying!
Didn't answer.  Left no message.
If you have an currently account with TD, call their customer service line at 1-866-222-3456 and ask to have your phone number put on their DO NOT CALL list and a DO NOT SOLICIT note on your file.Have been told this should take effect immediately and it should stop the calls (if they are legitimately from TD). Am not sure if there is a solution for people who do not have an account with TD.
This number calls me at least 3x per day, and has called everyday this week, all times of day, into the evening too.  How do I make them stop?

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