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Got a call and when I did not pick. A blank VM was left.
Pinnacle Financial Group, Inc.7825 Washington Avenue SMinneapolis, Minnesota 55439
who call me
called me at 3:30 am hawaii time and when i picked up, nothing.
Cornholio called; spoke spinach and she did not sound sexy.maybe it's the mexican mafia.
Received a call from 520-838-9992 at 9:15am Central time on 10/22/10 to my cell phone, which is on the Do Not Call List.  It was a recording of a female speaking Spanish.  I didn't understand and didn't press any numbers and shortly after message was over it disconnected.  I called the number back and it was a voice recording of a female speaking English saying that I must have just received a call from them and that they would be calling me again shortly, but it was in regards to some travel promotion.  Said if I wanted to be removed from their list to press 1.  I did not press 1, I tried to press 9 and then # to try to see if I could bypass their recording and get to a live operator.  No luck, it pushed through into the removing your number spiel anyway.  I did not input my number but pressed a bunch of random numbers for as long as I could until it said, Thank you for entering your number and hung up.  Needless to say, they did not name their Company or provide any contact information for their Company and so I filed a complaint with the DoNotCall.Gov website and wish the company doing this would have its pants sued off.
Answered the phone and a female speaking spanish
Didn't Answer
just got an e-mail asking for "Polo and Golf sticks". it's hilarious to think of a polo riding soap making bathhouse but I think the goal of this scam is to get you to pay the "shipping" fees for a truck that will never arrive. i'm not a business and i dont play polo or golf
Just got emai and phone calls from a chris bradford wanting 1000sf of granite tiles to sent to haiti. To a Rev. John Burns World Orphange Center Port Au Price, Haiti 16044. wanted us to pay /process the shipping  along with the tile to a Mr Robert Wood Freight Forwards phone 502-303-0789.
We received emails requesting our product for a new church in Haiti...haven't gotten a cc number but we were requested to contact the shipper:Reverend John Burns World Orphanage Center Port Au Prince, Haiti 16044 Freight company information ,Contact Mr. Robert
Johns Burns is  trying to buy 100,000 8.5 x 11 20# canary front and back flyersThe info they send to us below:They asked that we kindly contact the couriers called Mc Dan Shipping and get me the pick up cost so that I will make the full payment of my order below is the delivery address for you to contact them and get me the cost,John Burns Port Au Prince, Haiti 16044Freight Company Infor.Contact Mr. Joe King520-303-0789email address:  mc_danshipping@yahoo.comBest RegardsJustin
SCAMMERS USING HAITI AS AN EXCUSE CLAIMS HE IS REVERON. WANTED MATERIAL AND GAVE US STOLEN CREDIT NUMBER. Freight company information ,>     Contact Mr. Bruce Williams>     520-303-0789>     fasttruckforwarders@yahoo.comBelow is the delivery address>      Reverend John Burns>      World Orphanage Center>      Costa Haiti 14823John Willson []THIS IS THE INFO STATED ON THIER BEHALF. THEY MUST OF CALLED 20 TIMES. WE PLAYED THEIR GAME THE WHOLE TIME WE WANTED THE CREDIT CARD NUMBER TO REPORT IT.
We received a call from the number 520-303-0789 wanting to purchase several thousand dollars worth of product. The caller identified himself as Roy Maloney and wanted us to ship to Lori Maloney at the Madrid Spain address in a previous post on this page. He actually faxed us a copy of a Visa card and a California drivers license. We get this type of thing frequently so we were naturally suspicious. The drivers license showed a man 511 tall and weighing 85 pounds.
I should have know there was something fishy. The person writing an e mail to me wanted all of my product inventory (written in broken and misspelled English). James wanted to buy over thousands of dollars worth of product for an orphanage in Florida. He gave me his phone number at the bottom of the e mail. After researching this phone number, I blocked the email address from "James."  I hope they do not take what information they already have (company address and phone number and my name) and try to do something corrupt with it. What has happened to the other people who gave their information like this out? Did they get any money or additional information? I'm curious and concerned.
This Tucon guy calls himself "Roy McFadden" which then changed to "Roy Maloney" has been contacting a client of mine from this 520 303 0789 phone number. He wanted to purchase 10 expensive horse saddles and have his own shipping company pick them up, Haulmark Shippers, whom he referred to as "Halmark".  When my client said that she would have them sent from manufacturing directly to him he provided this address to ship to:Calle Alfredo Marqueríe 40 Madrid 28029 Spain(which I researched and found to be connected to a 419 fake lottery scam)He wanted to pay by credit card, and was not happy about her request to use Paypal.My client finally involved me and I stopped it immediately.I told her to notify him that we were no longer interested.
Working with a suspicious company that wants me to send 10 flag poles to Haiti to:Revered John BurnsWorld Orphanage CenterPort Au Prince, Haiti 06044But they want me to call this number and get the freight charges from Joe King.
called me numerous times at 4:30 in the morning (I live in Atlanta), until I blocked the number.  There was only dead air the couple of times I answered.
I received an email from a David Seland about purchasing cub cadet zero turn mower.  I received several emails and when I asked for address, full name and other information.  We finally told me that he was in Haitti a red flag, scam.  He is using a different phone number, 410-705-1310 and an address in Iowa.  He wanted the items shipped by Fast Track Forwarders.So please be aware.  I never got a credit card number from him.  He also contacted me by telephone twice today.  He had this samething happen several years ago.  He went ahead with the sale, but was later told that the unit needed to be shipped to Guama, we contacted the credit card company and reversed the transaction.
Whoever this number belongs to....didn't even say anything when I answered this morning. I

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