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A foreign person can hardly understand says I have 3 counts charged against me and Im being investigated and so are refrences of mine. Also knows all my information says I am in deep trouble that I received money in my account that I never paid back. Says his name is kenneth spencer phone number 718 5696663 states he is from Law of Investigations coming to my house.  Keeps calling my phone repeadely over and over. Also comes up unknown and 001 and 014. The law needs to stop these people.
This "Officer" Austin Jones has called my cell phone, my cashnet references, and my work phone. He also provided me with my bank information. How does this man know so much of my information??? He wants me to pay him 720.00 since I have never been in trouble with the law. How nice of him!! Heavy accent and sounds like he's reading a book. I am so thankful for these postings, he almost sounded convincing aside of the fact that officers don't handle collection accounts and he couldn't give me an address to send the payment to because they only accept debit payments over the phone...hmmm!
What does this sean miller thinks of himself... n he not seems to be our types....
I am getting this same calls from this number for and officer mike walters from the dept. of law and investigation. He is saying basically the same things you guys are saying
This idiot called my husband and told him that he was listed as a "Guarantor" on a loan for a young man that my husband barely knows. My husband told him he barely knew the fellow and still he insisted that if he didn't give the idiot the young man's phone number, he would make my husband responsible for the loan. I called this guy back and asked his name. He said, "Kenny Spencer's Investigation" and refused to give me an address, just said he was an attorney. I told him he was a fake and hung up.
i also got the same call, a foreign accented person calling telling me he is an officer with the dept of law and investigations (huh?) and  can help me with an urgent matter, that i need to call right away, that he can't tell me what it's about on my voicemail.  he knew my first and last name.  is this illegal?
Hey everyone, I got a call from the same guy, Kenny Spencer, he was calling about a "loan" i had with Cashnet. the total cost to settle was $520. He has all of my information and was asking me to verify it. Me already being a victim of ID theft started questioning him, asking him to either email me or mail me a validation letter so I can look at the charge before I pay it.. He told me he had NO information to send me and told me to go get an attorney. I told him that he had no business telling me what to do. the guy was very forcefull. Asked me to send him a statement apologizing that I allowed the loan to go into default and to include my full name, ssn, address, bank name, bank routing number and bank account number. I told him whatever, however before doing so i came to this site. thank god! I have been in contact with Cashnet. I have been informed that I do not NOR have I ever had a loan with them. I spoke with 2 different people via email that has confirmed it. today I am calling their fraud department. Here is the informationCashNetUSA Customer SupportPhone:(888)801-9075Fax:(866)326-5265www.cashnetusa.comcustomer service department at (888)801-9075 and select extension 8616 to be connected with our fraud departmentOne rep states: it sounds like you have been contacted by a 3rd Party Fake Collector. Please do not give out any information. If this happens again, you may contact our compliance department at (866)254-3581.
Ok the guy just called me again, i called him out and told him that he was a liar, and to stop calling me. he threaten me with cops, lawyers and jail time. I turned around and contacted the Fraud Dept for Cashnet. spoke to a Jasmine, took my information..... If you get a call You need to call Cashnet and report it. They have launched a Fraud Investigation and is very aware of this. Kenny Spencer is person trying to scam people out of money. DO NOT RELEASE ANY INFORMATION AND IGNORE HIS CALLS.
Caller said his name was Kenny Spencer, had a very heavy accent and said he was calling regarding a case againist me where I did not repay a loan. I tried to ask him several questions explaining I have never received any money and could prove it. He kept continuing to interrupt me and tell me he had to get through everything he had to say first before I could ask questions. Said there were 10 attorneys listening in to verify what was said. He gave me my correct SS#, address and knew where I banked. At the end he asked if I wanted to settle or obtain an attorney. I told him this was a bogus call, send me in something in writting and then not to call back.
Revceived 2 calls today, but did not answer as it came up "unavailable" in the caller ID.  The first time was for someone I did not eve known.  The second was my name  The caller - Officer Steve Simpson with Dept of Law & Investigation said to call him back immeadiately at 530-328-0111.  He had an urgent matter to discuss and could not leave any more information in the voice mail.  He had a foreign accent and was difficult to understand.  Based on other accounts, I will not be returning his call.
Today a Steve Miller called me over and over, then called a friend, said it was very important that he speaks with me today. I finally answered, I have NEVER been talked down to so much in my life. He yelled at me, so much that my 4yr old daughter asked me why the man on the phone was yelling. He told me he was sewing me for $10,000. He told me that I was going to loose my job and never be able to work again,that I would be put on the streets. Then he said that he could take the charges down to $587 if I showed good faith and paid $70 on a pre-paid credit card. I asked him to email me something or mail me papers. He said I will have papers on my door, take me to jail, and my daughter will go away. I almost did it til my friend saw this, so thank you. I am a single mom who really cannot afford this. It makes me mad, he still keeps calling!!
Received a call July 31 from an officer Steve Richards, Dept of Law & Investigation, when I called back he said his name was Kenny Spencer.  He was foreign and very forceful, I was stupid and agreed to pay the account but when I investigated more, this was not true by talking to Cash Net Usa in Chicago - fraud department.  So now I have it with a lawyer. He has been calling repeatedly, this time his name is Officer Steven Simpson.  When you call back, name changed to Sean Miller.  Do not give out any information - this is a scam.
cuidado con ese ladron que llama de este numero son una banda de timadores ladrones de identidad, de la india no hablan bien ingles , y te dicen un poco de amenazas pero todo es pura mentira no se confie no de su informacion personal.
2nd day in a row I got a call from "Officer Shawn Miller" for a former employee. Said he was from Department of Law and Investigation. Told him again she was no longer employed here. got his name and number. Funny he gave me the 530-328-0111 number but had called from a 7572019304 number under GBL LLC. I called them back another "officer" andswerd I told him I knew they were a collection agency to remove our business number from their list or I would call the FCC to report as I have now told them 2 time the person they are looking for is not employed here and hasnt been for almost a year. He told me to go ahead(at least I think he did..could not speak english)I told him I wanted to speak with the supervisor. He said he would transfer me to the "Lieutienent" which interestingly enough sent me back to "Officer Miller" I told him the same thing about them being a collection agency and that I had asked them to remove this business number and that if they called again I will report them to the FCC. His "accent" immediatly almost completely went away and he said he would make sure to remove our number.
I just received a call from someone by the name of Kenneth Spencer representing himself as an officer of Dept of Law and Investigations, I advised the caller that I am also an office with Dallas Police Dept and that if he called me again that I would file charges against himself and his firm (Penal Code 653-Sub Sec M for California) after calling the Auburn Police Dept (3 way conferences he happended to change his title to a paralegal) who are not officers of anything.
I got a call from a guy that said he was Officer Austin Jones and he was investigating me. He said that my cousin put me down as a reference for a cahsnet loan and that I had to tell her to contact him in 30 min. or we were both in deep trouble.  Of course I told her but neither one of us have a clue what he is refering too.  She has been getting these call almost everyday now. The caller was also based out of California.
i also am getting calls from this number and with another number close to it. He says he is Officer Eric Carter from Dept of Law and Investigation. That Cashnet is charging me with fraud, theft with deception. I spoke to Cashnet and gave them all the numbers and names. They have no idea who these people are. This number is from California and Cashnet is in Chicago!!!
I too got this call from a Gary Smith. He told me i was a reference my mom put down when she supposedly used that CashNet thing. My mom got the call from Sam Henderson or something like that about a month ago but she told them to back off and they havent called her since... so they moved on to me.
Foreigner who you can't understand - officer Gary Smith from the Dept of Law & Investigation.  Big trouble if I don't call back.  Legal case against me.  They are relentless in calling.  It has been a woman calling, again foreign you can't understand.  A co worker also got this call it is a scam.  If these people are going to make phone calls they better learn the english language!!
Basically the same info as above comment. They also said that they are going to send someone to my door step to serve me papers (I was listed as a refrence).

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